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Thanks for everyone's help mikeR 05/18/21 08:39 PM
I just wanted to stop by and say thank you to everyone here who helped me pull the trigger on my new M5 OW's. The speakers are fantastic and I love them. And special thanks to you Mojo for both your input and your uncanny skill with adjectives!
Also I wanted to let you all know of the phenomenon that has been occurring at my house since I installed these speakers. My wife has been listening to these speakers, actually sitting on the couch listening! She has never done this before. She has actually said to me "Let's just listen to the music, it sounds so good".
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Re: upgrading Home Theatre SirQuack 05/18/21 04:46 PM
Thumbs Up!
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Re: So what are ya listening to tonight? CV 05/16/21 03:59 PM
Originally Posted by CV
As for the album itself, I don't connect with it as much as with some of her other stuff, but I'm still wowed by her vocals.

I spoke too soon. I liked it a lot more with the second listen.

Mon Laferte - No Lo Vi Venir
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Re: projectors, screens, and center channels TrevorM 05/16/21 11:09 AM
Smart purchase. Yes, 4K PJs are coming down. Hold on for a laser. Well worth the jump!
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Re: Axiom Air Mojo 05/13/21 07:27 PM
Sorry, Charles. I forgot to tell you that black is the way to go.
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Re: Engineers 2x6spds 05/13/21 04:27 PM
You da man Mr. Rrlev!
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Re: Surrounds to combat a live room? chesseroo 05/13/21 12:29 AM
Originally Posted by rrlev
There are people in this world who are very insensitive to costs. For example the head of Enron built his dog a $50,000 dog house (back in the day and before he went to jail).
A good friend of mine worked for Enron Canada. And he was an accountant. Apparently his admin assistant was one of the Enron playboy girls (by chance, he swears he didn't know).

One thing about income, people tend to live up their income levels as a generality.
You make 40k a year, you drive a Toyota Corrolla and dream about that BMW thinking, if i only made 90k a year. You make 90k a year you have the BMW but dream about the Lamborghini thinking if only i made 400k a year. I suspect many who buy audio are in the same boat. How many millionaires come to buy nothing but Axiom speakers?
The concept of price:quality really gets lost. More must mean better, swankier, prettier, whatever.
Ego and greed drive this world.

How's that for deep on a Wednesday night?
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Re: CRAIGSUB. MISS YOU! SirQuack 05/12/21 01:14 PM
I am speaking generally that every forum, social media site, hell even my pellet grill forum has trolls. I am not pointing fingers at anyone. I truly miss when this forum was very active say 5-10 years ago. Many good people I miss conversing with and also wondering how they are doing these days.

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Re: NAS advice Cork 05/11/21 10:00 PM
Originally Posted by michael_d
I really - really do not want to use my PC for media streaming anymore. I have my reasons, and will not budge from that.

If you're not doing video then running from the NAS is fine. I'm still streaming music from a very old 2-bay ReadyNAS (kind of as a back-up to my QNAP).
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Re: Surprised how many amps I am actually using. 2x6spds 05/09/21 02:22 AM
I used to use a beefy Kenwood KA9100 amp driving a pair of 87db efficient Dahlquist speakers in my garage system. That's where I went to smoke a cigar. Anyway, the amp was on the desk, and I was very surprised to see that at normal listening levels (for me) the amp power meters rarely displayed even 1 watt output, usually less. I listen to jazz, female vocals, crooners, Ludovico Einaudi's atmospherics, etc. Sounded good.

If the first watt is no good, who cares how many more like it are lined up behind it.
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Re: M5HP's in the Wild! Mojo 05/07/21 12:10 AM
I still love these. OMG!
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Re: Headphones Mojo 05/06/21 03:54 AM
Rebulx has some sweet cans on his head. They don't go by the name of NAD but rather DAWN.
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Re: Adding M3 Wireless speakers to a wired setup Mojo 05/05/21 03:29 AM
I did tell you. I said Axiom will tell you the same thing. You just didn't believe me because my nickname is a penny chew.

Nonetheless, if I really couldn't wire, I'd try it and maintain line of sight.
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Re: Weight Limit on top of a vp160v3? Mojo 05/04/21 06:54 PM
I extend speaker use cases and hence turn them into more valuable platforms. smile
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Re: Driver woes - the investigation chesseroo 04/30/21 08:23 PM
Managed to get a speedy assessment. It was supposed to take 4 weeks but the kind fellow moved me up the chain and thankfully it didn't take too long to figure it out.
Voice coil has signs of use, so not fried but aging. Heck, our Axioms probably have some age on the voice coil now too. Over time, heat just eventually destroys things.
Saw a good video with clear explanations on voice coil damage here (it doesn't all come from distortion):

So the main problem was actually with the dust cap. Apparently it is a weight loaded dust cap (very very small weight though). Unsure if it was repaired in the past, or partly came loose (didn't see that when looking at it), or if it was never put on properly at the factory to being with (only certain frequencies made it resonate to make the sound so it could have gone undetected for some time). The fix and labour total should be around $200. Not bad considering that you have to take all the driver components apart to look at it all and then glue it all back together again. I just don't have a good workbench nor all the chemicals and proper tools to do that. Some times it just pays to call the professional, mechanic, dentist....
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Re: Amp power CanesFanInVA 04/29/21 02:50 PM
That was right in line with what I was thinking except I didn't cap the max for one or two channels at the rated RMS per channel, 650 watts.
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Re: Max. SPL for any speaker TrevorM 04/28/21 02:22 PM
Pole mount on stand is how it would be done.
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Re: New Head Unit Car Wash Day rrlev 04/27/21 03:00 PM
Originally Posted by 2x6spds
My 93 Legend LS coupe 6 speed manual, was how I got my user name, 2x6spds (Honda S2000 and Legend coupe)
And I thought it was your 12 speed bicycle ... 2 gears up front and 6 gears in the rear smile
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Re: M50 to M5HP upgrade expectations Rebulx 04/27/21 04:40 AM
Something also worth taking into consideration... listening to music, the frequency range of the QS10s and it's well known deep bass provide a unique listening experience that most surround speakers can't compete in, they don't even try. It's what makes the 10's special.
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Re: QS10s Rebulx 04/25/21 02:10 AM
lol, yeah... I do enjoy a good thigh grab however, without the graphic fatality! The wife is now working full time in the business and after watching your video link, i've determined it's in my best interest to refrain from any more close quarters combat fun!
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Re: Why does YouTube sound better than Spotify? Mojo 04/23/21 04:16 AM
I managed to get YouTube Music to play on the Air Force and Freedom using bubbleupnp. I can also Chromecast it and of course play it on the Firestick. YouTube Music gives you lyrics and videos and I don't know what else. It's also a better experience on the Air than Spotify Connect which is really flaky. Bye bye Spotify!

Edit: YouTube Music also has EQ.
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Re: Amplifier CanesFanInVA 04/23/21 02:17 AM
More sound to make it out into the yard across the pool.
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Re: Speaker Setup? rrlev 04/22/21 09:58 PM
Originally Posted by CanesFanInVA
Missed the "and guest" part.
a reference to Edna?
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Re: Thoughts on a trade up? (Trade in not working on w Mojo 04/20/21 02:56 PM
That photo I posted looks like a palace compared to the shack I grew up in at the north end.
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Re: Starting to oggle new gear -Rm sweeps chesseroo 04/19/21 11:45 PM
Originally Posted by Mojo
It's obvious your room is correcting all the M60ti deficiencies. smile
Now there's the Mojo i was expecting!
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