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Re: Seaside Artillery - Outdoor M3s TrevorM 07/27/21 08:31 AM
Yep, local installs in new home builds.

This house was on the west side of the island an hour or so drive from our shop. We do the electrical in the homes too.
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Re: M100s? Mojo 07/27/21 01:07 AM
Originally Posted by Canesfan27
I’m not use to hearing surround sounds at low volumes. So many sounds in the movies I didn’t hear before are now audible. I’ll have some time this weekend to re-run audyssey and make a few manual adjustments. Music doesn’t get fatiguing at higher volume. Everything is extremely clean sounding. The muddy sounds at -10 are gone and music is satisfying at -20 even across the room. I lost some of the soundstage and imaging but I think that’s due to the avr being uncalibrated. I am assuming the level adjustments will come down due to the extra power.

It makes sense that music is not fatiguing at higher volumes. The only way that music can be more satisfying at -20 though is if your Denon's amp gain is lower than the ADA's. In my case, the Onk and ADA gains are equal. I heard no difference at lower volumes even in 5.1. If you're running 9.1 then maybe your Denon is finding it difficult to cope with peaks even at lower levels. Or maybe your Denon's power supply is crap compared to my Onk.

There should be no difference in soundstage and imaging in stereo at lower volumes.
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Re: So what are ya listening to tonight? Mojo 07/26/21 10:53 PM
This is so awesome! This is all around me, man! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK SMACK!
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Re: If an HP driver gets wet... Mojo 07/26/21 10:51 PM
Just never mind. Keep the drivers away from things that spurt and squirt.

Good tip on the eggs. They stay better on the ears that way too.
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Re: putiing ep600 amp in ep500 Mojo 07/26/21 03:56 PM
Jim, you don't have to feed them from separate channels. Just parallel them together and feed them from one. As long as you have them crossed over at 80Hz on the 600, you won't hurt your receiver.
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Re: Modern Living Install TrevorM 07/25/21 12:02 PM
Yep rear mounted. Pretty much same as backplate on active sub for levers and widgets.
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Re: YouTube not playing well with my Firestick Mojo 07/24/21 10:53 PM
Yeah, Axiom allows any forum member to stalk other forum members. Just keep it peaceful and no one has to get hurt.

I have cable only for internet. I'm coming up with a way to steal it from the Timmy's just down the street. No landline. No cable TV. No satellite. With the money I save, I buy premium tools to protect myself from stalkers who get dangerous.
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Re: Dedicated Line for Amp? rrlev 07/24/21 06:54 PM
Ok, I was wondering about that math … makes sense. Which means that the 2 lines in are really 180 deg out of phase … thanks for setting me straight on this.
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Re: Just Put M80 V2s Back in System rrlev 07/21/21 05:20 PM
Originally Posted by 2x6spds
Alex's system is in a pretty small room which is over treated. All that expensive equipment sounds pretty dull.

When the HT was just exposed safe and sound on 4 walls and ceiling a friend commented on how great the room sounded "this is what you want in an HT to sound like" . He said it with such authority that I didn't correct him. I think he just liked how quiet it was ... I'm sure he would have been disappointed once the music started playing ...
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replaced my O2 headphone amp rrlev 07/21/21 12:31 AM
My O2 amp is a bit marginal with the 300ohm HD650s ... not bad but I need push the volume knob close to max when I crank the 650 ... so every so often I think about getting something better ...

A week ago I was looking at the DAC and headphone amp ratings at Audio Science Review. I noticed that Amirm gave high marks to the JDS Labs Atom Amp+ and Atom DAC+. At $110us each these were damn inexpensive compared to most of the others they were ranked with.

Two things stood out:
1st - Amirm is petty tough ... if he rates anything highly you know it's good.
2nd - was JDS Labs ... I bought my O2 amp from them and they are a great outfit, made in the US, and they stand by their stuff.

So, I ordered the Atom Amp and then a what the hell moment hit me ... and added the Atom DAC+ as well.

I've only been using them for a few hours and have not tried to compare them to the old setup ... but my impression is simply this: Why did I wait so long ... money well spent.
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Re: So what are you watching tonight? TrevorM 07/20/21 08:29 PM
That is a super fun movie!

CONTINUE? 10,9,8,7…..
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Re: Why does YouTube sound better than Spotify? Kodiak 07/19/21 05:36 PM
I don’t think I’ve ever truly heard what 24 bit 192 sounds like but CD quality via an optical cable is pretty good!! I think beyond that I don’t feel like I’m missing much , especially with well produced and recorded stuff.
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Re: AxiomAir won't start up after 2.10.1 upgrade guyzappa 07/19/21 10:44 AM
Is it possible to get the image for the latest version of the N3? I've tried the method and each time I'm trying to update to latest version i love connectivity at one of the updates. Would be nice to just make the SD card with the latest version..
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Re: sells Kodiak 07/19/21 04:01 AM

This was today’s find. Fabulous recording everyone! You should all check her out.
My fav is track 7, a classic song , done many times over by various artists. “ Dark end of the Street “.

This whole album is really well produced. What it lacked in emotional impact today, was regained by the amazing imaging and disappearing act of my speakers if I kept my head locked in just the right spot, with 12 feet between speakers and 3.5 feet out from wall. She’s Danish. Sounds a little bit like a young Tina Turner.
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Re: Just Ordered LFR660s! Cork 07/16/21 10:05 AM
Thanks for your thoughts on the differences Jritz. The discussions make sense and helps explain why I like the M80s more: I'm definitely plopped at MLP for the duration of listening, am not using a a sub, and did not spend much time mucking with placement (because I didn't have a lot of options anyway; although I did futz with wall separation and the DSP wall boundary button a bit).
I have M5s in two other rooms, both with a sub and I think the M80s are more precise; but that may be due to the M80s being in a more open room (both subs are Hsu, so at least not bad).

All-in-all, it's good to have options!
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Re: Best iTunes Playback Setting on my computer Mojo 07/14/21 08:50 PM
Don't know. I listen to YouTube and tapes on my active LFRs in 2.9. On both my Airs, I stream YouTube and listen to internet radio. No cracks and pops except in my cereal.
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Re: HT in-progress chesseroo 07/13/21 03:03 AM
Originally Posted by rrlev
Chess, I started off reasonable ... double wall board on staggered studs but then the builder told me he knew how to do resilient channel ... and once I started down that rabbit hole I had to keep going ... smile
Ah, rabbit hole.
got it

[Linked Image from]
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Re: FMB Mounting Tips TrevorM 07/10/21 11:16 PM
100% on the drip loop. Didnt even think to mention. But yeah! Great addition to tips. Wont let me edit now.

I have 4 more to mount so I’ll upload pics then.
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Re: Family Den and Deck with Axiom on board TrevorM 07/10/21 10:04 AM
Thanks! They sure like it. smile
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Re: Clothes from the future chesseroo 07/10/21 03:42 AM
Originally Posted by CV
Originally Posted by chesseroo
And where does this stuff go at end of life?
Infinity in a dump site?

Good point. I don't think about that nearly enough.

What about this shirt?: Plant and Algae T Shirt
I love the ingenuity.
Ideas like this are the future and they cannot come soon enough.
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Re: Axiom soundbar perhaps? chesseroo 07/10/21 03:19 AM
Originally Posted by sonicfox
Wow! It's been over three years since I asked about a possible soundbar from Axiom, and now they came out with one! How long has it been out, and who's heard it?
A good question and i don't really remember.
It is hard to find in their product pages.
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Re: FOR SALE - Speakers Mojo 07/05/21 11:45 PM
Dude, haven't you sold those yet? What's an M21?
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Bedroom install for movie lovers TrevorM 07/04/21 11:54 AM
Here is an example of a zone of audio to a master bedroom planned for a future 65" TV (currently 36".) In a moderately sized bedroom, this one roughly 12' x 14', these M3 inwalls are the perfect fit.

Quiet mood music, pajama movie party, let's make babies -whatever! These speakers are all 'rounders.

Video is handled by a firestick behind the TV and sound is sent via optical to the rack 35' away. Nothing in the room except speakers and TV. Nice and clean and surprisingly powerful.

Truly a "sleeper" install. Oh the puns! laugh

Gear used in this install:
Axiom M3 Speakers
Bluesound Node 2i
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Waterside Living Room Axiom In Walls Install TrevorM 07/04/21 11:24 AM
Here is an example of a living room install using all in wall axiom speakers -including subwoofer!!

Axiom provides solutions for modern living spaces that are discrete AND impressive powerhouses when set up correctly. The excited homeowners are planning a summer wedding on the property; this is truly going to be the party spot for the days leading up!

The subwoofer in this space was carefully planned to back onto cabinetry in a neighboring room; so it wont be seen at all. All gear was rack mounted in a nearby mechanical room. Nothing is in the living space except for the sight and sound of the experience.

Truly a great setup thanks to Axiom! cool

Gear used for this room:
Axiom M3 Inwalls
Axiom VP100 Inwall
Axiom M5HP Inwall
Axiom EP500 in cabinet subwoofer with rack mounted amp
Dynamic Audio Labs KVSC-80 Ceiling speakers
Denon X2700H
Bluesound Node 2i
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Re: Surprised how many amps I am actually using. Mojo 07/02/21 12:20 PM
Log in to your account and go to Preferences. There you can change the formatting for the boards.
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