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Re: Volume too low via iPhone wired to AxiomAir analog John_Snow01 02/20/24 06:32 PM
The volume is low when an iPhone is connected to AxiomAir via analog output. Check the volume settings and cable connection. If the problem persists, contact AxiomAir support.
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Re: The integrated amp question Hambrabi 02/20/24 05:44 PM
If you haven't bought the Model 50 yet (and it's quite a beauty), I'd also consider going multichannel AVR. You'd lose the phono stage, but you'd be future proofing your setup with 4K/8K HDMI switching, eARC, Hi-Res DAC, bass management, room correction algorithms, and perhaps streaming playback.

While there could be an audible difference in stereo playback between an integrated amp and AVR, I'd be hard pressed to notice a difference.

Integrated amps were a minimalist solution to pre-amp and amplifier separates; receivers and later AVR's became even more minimalist by going all in, all out, as an all-in-one wonder. The best way to lighten up is to find these heavy hitters.
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Re: Trying to make some music MMM 02/20/24 02:33 AM
thankyou. its rather fun to take a short sound snipit idea that is stuck in you head and turn it into something. That song I had tune that I really liked but just couldn't figure out how to get it to work with anything. So I started to play around with it and cut away bits of the tune and ended up with that sound. it just reminded me of my old Apple ][ video games sounds that I figured I just had to make it into something.
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Re: Integrated amp and M5HP Question BBIBH 02/19/24 07:15 PM
You really only need to post your question(s) in one area, the regulars will see and answer.
That will be more than adequate.
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Re: Science and mass market headphones Hambrabi 02/19/24 12:14 AM
Just adding another sample to the list, I bought a couple of pairs of Jabra Elite 4 Active so that everyone in the family has ANC IEM's for flying. They were $100 Canadian a pair, or $74 US. I was originally going to buy the newer Jabra Elite 4 for the same price, but the Active adds IP57 water resistance. Both Jabra models have a rtings neutral sound profile of 7.5.

I find the default sound to be bright and the bass a bit underwhelming. Rtings considers the treble to be lacking, so I'm at a loss to explain the difference. But I can adjust to taste using the app's equalizer, and there's no major sound defects such as cupping or boxiness. Active noise cancellation is the weakest of the three.

Unlike the WF1000XM3 and Tune 130NC, the Elite 4 Active uses physical buttons rather than touch control, and it's annoying. The Sony is the only earbud that feels like a premium product, and continues to add new functionality every 6 months through the app. But I'll probably replace it by summer with whatever I can find on sale.
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Re: HT in-progress rrlev 02/19/24 12:14 AM
I’m not sure what that extra $1000 dollars gets you … so if I was choosing (without more info) … I’d probably keep the extra thousand in my pocket.
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Re: So what are ya listening to tonight? SirQuack 02/17/24 02:07 AM
That would be good to hear !
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Re: Dead Site BBIBH 02/15/24 04:14 PM
Originally Posted by 2x6spds
BBIBH good morning!

Yes, I enjoy your posts. You are knowledgeable and courteous. Let a thousand flowers bloom.
Hi 2x6,

thanks for the kind words. I enjoy your posts about your audio technology and your experiences as well.
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Re: SubZone phone app Hambrabi 02/13/24 07:55 PM
This is my living room. It's 16' x 11' within an open floor plan layout that's 23' x 21'. The app rates my current sub location at an 8/10 when configured to only play 19-40 Hz. Interestingly enough, it recommends putting a sub either where the A/V equipment resides (as marked by the stars), or behind and underneath the sofa. Both are doable if I ever replace my sub or add a second sub.


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Re: Ep800 no sound, but has power BBIBH 02/13/24 12:05 AM
Originally Posted by Subguy73
Well the red light inside means the amp is pooched. They are looking in to whether their newer amps will fit my old sub. Here's hoping. Worst case scenario I guess I'd have to buy an external amp of some kind.

Ask for a deal as a loyal customer. I have known Ian for over 30 years and he has a customer first mindset.
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Re: New Audio Additions 2x6spds 02/11/24 03:04 AM
Sir Quack

I just picked up Ben Webster's "Stardust" 45 rpm album. Fantastic recording, great music, terrific performance by one of my favorite sax artists.
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Great Budget Phono Cartridge and Vinyl Section 2x6spds 02/11/24 02:41 AM
I picked up the new Ben Webster, Stardust, 45 rpm album, what a great recording of a great jazz sax artist!

I played it on my so-happy-I-grabbed-this one Denon DP45f automatic turntable. I got it used for $350 or $300, don't remember. Dead quiet, perfect speed, rosewood plinth, drop-dead gorgeous.

I picked up a Goldring E3 moving magnet cartridge for $169 on Amazon, one of the best audio deals ever. A wonderful, accurate, rich full sounding cartridge for the price of a few songs. I have a $3000 Koetsu Black Goldline in my main 2 channel system which I will compare to the Goldring tomorrow. I will let you know.

I'm using the Line Magnetic LM33 phono stage. I love it. I swapped out the stock 12ax7 tubes with a pair of NOS Telefunkens (not budget tubes) and it just sings.

Yes, quite the budget vinyl section which sounds great.

The rest of the system is not budget. The Line Magnetic 845ia integrated amp with the NOS Mullard 5AR4 rectifier tube upgrade is one of the best sounding amps I've ever heard. If you know about the Harbeth 30,2 Anniversary speakers, nothing more need be said. If not, these are some of the best stand mount speakers ever made.

So, the Goldring E3 cartridge and Ben Webster's 45 rpm Stardust album, most highly recommended.



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Re: AA Tone control or equalizer Stephy 02/10/24 07:21 PM
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Re: Michaura M665s Never Sounded Better 2x6spds 02/05/24 10:16 PM
Yes, these are in the original faux rosewood wrap. They are gorgeous. I spoke with Ian, years ago, about this finish. He told me that the wrap was sourced in the USA and was either no longer available or had become too expensive. Too bad, Beautiful. I have 6 Michaura M55s (like the M22s, twin 5.25" black eyed pea drivers) and a pair of M66s, a smaller version of the M50, twin 6.5" drivers, all with Axiom's excellent titanium 0.75" tweeter. I'll post some pix of them when I have the time.

Hi Kevin, the M55s are great speakers! I modified a few pairs and used them in a 2 channel with a sub and tube amp years ago. Sounded terrific. I got a few from Ubid as well, ended up buying the last pallet of Michauras from the folks in Massachusetts, including a few pairs of M665s. Significantly more expensive than Ubid, but well worth it. What wonderful speakers. The hex shape cabinet is very interesting. Extremely rigid, and fewer congruent inner surfaces than a box. I think Axiom should consider the design for another line of speakers.
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Re: EP500v2 advice, repair/replacement options? cb919 01/29/24 06:45 PM
I only have experience with my v2 EP500 which is ported. I'd like to move to a sealed sub but would also like lower extension than my current (still dead) EP500 has. I'm still working on resolving which way to move forward on this, but based on some of these comments I'll play it safe and stick with wired connections for dedicated surround setup. I'll leave wireless for the casual listening Sonos units :-) I do really appreciate the input and information I get from the posts back and forth
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