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Re: So what are ya listening to tonight? Hambrabi 07/17/24 06:21 PM
I've upped my game and now audition about 20-25 new songs a day, rather than the 13 per day in 2023. I've been scouring indies and finding hidden gems. My odds of finding enjoyable songs have improved to about 1 in 20, much better than the 1 in 50 odds from a few years back.

Some of my indie favorites (most of which are self-publishing and don't have a record label) of the first half of 2024:

Purple Coin and Kniit, "Rescue Boy". 90's trance.

Old English Sheepdog, "No Service". 70's British punk.

Grizzly, "Midsummer Dream". The lyric video reminds me of when my wife and I first dated.

Choi Ingyeong, "Helpless". Don't let her near a watering can.
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Re: I moved house and now my speakers sound bad, help? Hafwen 06/26/24 09:52 PM
Like you, I love my speakers (M60 Ti towers), but after the move, they lost their sharpness and depth. Despite keeping everything else the same, the acoustics in the new room just weren't cutting it.

I recently came across an article with some great tips that really helped me. It suggested considering the room's acoustics and trying acoustic isolation techniques to improve sound quality. For instance, using specialized speaker feet or even experimenting with decoupling methods like sand-filled platforms might help restore that crisp sound you miss. Check out more tips here: . Exploring these options could be a game-changer for getting your Axiom speakers sounding amazing again in your new space.
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Re: M3 amplified bookshelf speakers Question Hambrabi 06/25/24 11:35 PM
Line level by definition does not have volume control, so you'll always be adjusting both the M3 and subwoofer output levels at the source and the sub any time you want to change the volume.

I'd personally just use the subwoofer output of the powered M3 speakers' front channels. The convenience is clear and noticeable; any improvement in audio clarity wouldn't be.

If you have existing issues with a ground loop hum, that would be a different matter altogether.
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Managing Vigilant Accomplishment: Capella FlexPath halorawill 06/25/24 11:24 PM
In the strong scene of present day tutoring, Capella School's FlexPath evaluations stand as basic pieces of changed learning endeavors. These appraisals, including Capella 4040 Evaluation 1, Nurs FPX 8045 Evaluation 3, and Capella 4050 Assessment 1, should survey students' power clearly material while allowing them to progress at their own speed. Anyway, these evaluations can periodically introduce troubles, provoking the fundamental for strong web based class help affiliations. These affiliations expect an essential part in supporting students by giving changed help and resources hand made to the specific necessities of each and every examination.
Capella FlexPath Appraisals
Capella School's FlexPath appraisals go most likely as focal designated spots in the academic journey of students seeking after versatile, limit based training. These capella flexpath assessments are unequivocally made to evaluate students' cognizance and use clearly contemplations, ensuring they satisfy intensive educational standards while progressing at their own speed. Not a small dab like standard instructing models, FlexPath assessments should be versatile, allowing students to show their greatness through various plans like articles, tries, presentations, or tests. This approach obliges different learning styles as well as draws in students to parade their knowledge and cutoff points in affinities that line up with their ruler targets.
In like manner, Capella FlexPath evaluations are basic to the patched up an open door for development, offering students ideal assessment and expected open entryways for improvement. Through these assessments, students gain fundamental scraps of information into their resources and regions for movement, working with decided learning and improvement. By highlighting limit and pervasiveness rather than essential affirmation of coursework, Capella FlexPath examinations plan students to apply their understanding in asserted settings, ensuring they are ready to win in their explanations behind living and really center around their fields of study.
Online Class Help Associations
Online class help organizations with having become significant resources for students investigating the complexities of virtual learning conditions. These online class help services with dealing with a considerable number of educational necessities, offering assistance with errands, instructing gatherings, test arranging, and by and large course the board. They give a lifeline to students rearranging various commitments, offering flexibility in arranging and modified help uniquely crafted to individual learning styles. By using ace heading and resources, students can redesign how they could decipher course materials, work on academic execution, and achieve their educational goals even more effectively.
Furthermore, online class help organizations with empowering an agreeable learning environment where students can attract with capable mentors and coaches. These specialists make sense of inconvenient thoughts as well as draw in students with methodology for utilizing time beneficially, focus on techniques, and unequivocal thinking skills. Whether pursued careful ventures like Capella School's FlexPath or traditional electronic courses, students benefit from the convenience and capacity that online class help organizations with offering, ensuring they get the crucial assistance to succeed academically and masterfully.
Capella 4040 Appraisal 1
Capella 4040 Evaluation 1 fills in as a central designated spot inside Capella College's educational plan, especially in programs underlining authority and hierarchical way of behaving. This capella 4040 assessment 1 commonly centers around assessing's comprehension understudies might interpret key speculations and ideas connected with authority adequacy, hierarchical elements, and key navigation. It frequently includes errands, for example, case investigations, basic reflections, or vital arranging works out, pointed toward surveying understudies' capacity to apply hypothetical information to genuine situations. Effective finishing of Capella 4040 Evaluation 1 exhibits dominance obviously material as well as plans understudies to explore complex hierarchical difficulties with informed authority viewpoints.
To excel in Capella 4040 Assessment 1, students often benefit from leveraging online resources, peer collaboration, and faculty guidance available through Capella's FlexPath programs. These resources help students deepen their understanding of leadership theories, enhance their analytical skills, and develop coherent arguments supported by evidence. By engaging actively with course materials and leveraging supportive services, students can effectively demonstrate their comprehension and application of leadership principles, setting a strong foundation for future academic and professional success in leadership roles within diverse organizational contexts.
Nurs FPX 8045 Assessment 3
Nurs FPX 8045 Assessment 3 at Capella University's FlexPath program is a critical evaluation designed to assess advanced nursing competencies in areas such as leadership, policy advocacy, and healthcare ethics. This nurs fpx 8045 assessment 3 challenges students to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios, emphasizing the integration of evidence-based practices and ethical decision-making frameworks. Through this assessment, students demonstrate their ability to critically analyze complex healthcare issues, propose innovative solutions, and advocate for patient-centered care approaches that align with professional standards and regulatory requirements.
The Nurs FPX 8045 Assessment 3 encourages students to engage deeply with contemporary healthcare challenges, fostering skills in leadership and advocacy essential for advancing nursing practice. By grappling with scenarios that mirror current healthcare dilemmas, students not only enhance their problem-solving abilities but also cultivate a deeper understanding of the ethical dimensions inherent in nursing leadership. Ultimately, this assessment prepares nurses to navigate the complexities of modern healthcare environments, equipping them to lead initiatives that promote quality care and patient safety within their professional roles.
Capella 4050 Assessment 1
Capella 4050 Assessment 1 serves as a critical milestone in the Capella University curriculum, particularly within the context of the FlexPath learning model. This assessment is designed to evaluate students' understanding and application of strategic leadership principles in healthcare settings. It typically involves a comprehensive analysis of case studies, requiring students to demonstrate their ability to assess organizational challenges, propose effective solutions, and justify their recommendations based on strategic management theories and best practices in healthcare administration. By engaging with Capella 4050 Assessment 1, students not only deepen their knowledge of strategic leadership but also hone their critical thinking and decision-making skills essential for leadership roles in healthcare.
Successfully navigating capella 4050 assessment 1 often involves thorough preparation and a deep understanding of healthcare management principles. Students may leverage resources provided by Capella University, including online class materials, academic support services, and peer collaboration, to enhance their learning experience. This assessment not only assesses academic proficiency but also prepares students to apply strategic insights to real-world healthcare challenges, ensuring they are well-prepared to contribute effectively to healthcare organizations upon completion of their studies.
In conclusion, Capella University's FlexPath assessments, supported by robust online class help services, exemplify a commitment to personalized learning and academic success. Assessments such as Capella 4040 Assessment 1, Nurs FPX 8045 Assessment 3, and Capella 4050 Assessment 1 challenge students to apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios, fostering critical thinking and professional growth. Through tailored support and resources, students are empowered to navigate these assessments effectively, enhancing their skills in healthcare leadership and strategic management. Together, these components underscore Capella's dedication to preparing students for impactful roles in their respective fields, equipped with the knowledge and expertise to thrive in dynamic healthcare environments.
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Re: Dead Site rrlev 06/23/24 06:43 PM
I just listen to a bit of that part … think I’m going to have to listen to the whole interview now … damn … not enough hours in a day to keep up with all the stuff I want to keep up with … forget about doing anything real!
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Re: Great Budget Phono Cartridge and Vinyl Section 2x6spds 06/22/24 01:58 AM
Don't lick your fingers and touch those tubes. Turn you into a smokin' raisin it will.
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Re: Michaura M66 and Super Tweeter 2x6spds 06/22/24 01:53 AM
Realistic was their brand. I had a friend with a whole Realistic set up in the late 70s. Sounded great.
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