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Re: M100s? Rebulx 03/03/21 05:36 AM
I found that pic of her tonight. It was from last December, funny how you take pics and never really go back and look at them... I have to say i'm punting outside my field of coverage now!
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Re: What have you drawn lately? Rebulx 03/03/21 05:32 AM
more than me than here? lol love it though, shit your good.
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Re: M50 to M5HP upgrade expectations CanesFanInVA 03/02/21 10:04 PM
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Re: What's your favorite streaming service? 2x6spds 03/01/21 10:23 PM
Yup. I use an old Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 with the Gold Note streamer and the MControl wifi app for Tidal and Qobuz.

Works pretty well.
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Re: Out with the new and in with the newer Mojo 02/26/21 12:45 AM
A smart sub crawls to the ideal acoustic location in a room. Multiple smart subs cooperate with each other and sit their butts down in mutually agreed upon locations.
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Re: Speaker Setup? Mojo 02/25/21 09:42 PM
Agreed about the point of diminishing returns.
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Re: New Anthem Receivers/Processors TrevorM 02/25/21 10:02 AM
Pm sent
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Re: Atmos on receiver TrevorM 02/25/21 10:00 AM
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Re: Learning about room acoustics Kodiak 02/25/21 04:08 AM
Scoobie doobie doo!
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Re: receiver calibration Mojo 02/24/21 03:50 AM
In direct, your receiver may be by-passing EQ.
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Re: CD transports 2x6spds 02/20/21 08:58 PM
Beautiful! A great choice. If they are Clearaudio cartridges, you can't go wrong. Depends on your phonostage.
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Re: Buy/Sell? Mojo 02/18/21 11:17 PM
US audio mart and canuck audio mart. You can also trade in your old stuff for new stuff.
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Re: Axiom Tour on Next Best Thing Studio - YouTube BruceB 02/18/21 09:49 PM
Maybe Jay wanted a free set of speakers.. that he would review... and then 'auction off' or 'keep' and that didn't pan out too well with Ian.
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Re: Help! M5HP new owner (prev elac, athena, klipsch) BruceB 02/18/21 03:25 PM
Originally Posted by chesseroo
A few things Bruce.

First, the Axiom M5 vs the Elacs. The Axioms will likely be a strong outperformer compared to the Elacs and i'm not stating that as an Axiom fanboy, but just by the specs alone, aside from my personal experience with the quality of Axiom components (e.g. their drivers will be far better quality than those Elac).
The paper cones and cloth tweeter of the Elac won't be as crisp or clear as the Axiom metal units. The last soft dome tweeter i had sounded almost muffled in comparison to a metal tweeter (that was comparing brands other than Axiom btw).
The M5 is also a 3-way design while the Elac is a 2 way design. You will get alot better resolution and detail in the midrange with the M5 by far.
The M5 is more efficient than the Elac thus requiring less power for more SPL.
The woofers are the same diameter so total air moved might be similar but the stronger titanium Axiom driver will likely have a 'tighter' bass sound and you will get more bass from the larger M5 enclosure.
Again this is based on my experience hearing other small bookshelf speakers to some Axiom equivalents (like the M22s or even my M60s).

Second, i'm all for cutting costs and keeping things reasonable, but when you think you have an under $300 USD (new) "quality" amp that is advertised as 150W per channel at less than 25 pounds total weight that isn't a Class D design, i'm VERY VERY suspicious. That old B&K amp is likely a more solid unit than that Sound Artist thing.

When you cannot find any real quality information on a piece of electronics, don't buy it. Put a bit of money into your amp because if you chintz out on the power, the speakers WILL distort and at a lower volume than you might expect! (assuming the amp doesn't fry itself and take the speakers with it)
RARELY do i ever tell anyone they need a better amp but in this extremely rare case, i would say start with that and don't turn up your new M5s until you get something more proven and solid. Sell some of your old gear to help with the costs. Some of the best bang for the buck used amps i've had include Anthems lineup over the years.
eg. Anthem MCA2 and MCA20
These are from old (now defunct) sales ads but the price is right, usually around $650-800 Cdn used.

Another option in a similar price range is the Parasound Halo 23 (not the newer 23+).
What i really like about this Halo unit is that it is a Class A into the first 5W and has some excellent capacitance reserve for its size. Both Anthem and Parasound make proven products with expected and reasonable stats for their price.

This audio forum and particularly this thread might help you with some sound decisions on low cost amps as well:

Thanks for all the great advice.

I did an A/B comparison of my old Onkyo A-807 (,combines%20sanity%20and%20great%20sound.) Versus the Sound Artist SA-200IA ( (

I found that the Sound Artist sounded a lot better than my Onkyo that I owned since the early 90s. The Sound Artist is a tad bright on the top end.

I used the sound artist to try to keep things clean and simple in the living room, due to small kids and toddler. I wouldn't mind them messing up the Sound Artist, but wouldn't want them to mess up my other equipment albeit it's low value at this moment in time. I've also custom built custom speaker stands that are 60 lbs and untippable for my bookshelf speakers, so they are untippable by the little kids.

I'll pull out my B&K Amp and Pre-Amp & also my Parasound Pre-Amp and Amp to see how they sound with them with my current Elac's and Axioms that I'm waiting to receive. I'll also compare them to the Sound Artist SA-200IA and report back to the forum.

As Chesseroo suggested, the amplifier is a very important part of the chain. As I'm re-entering this hobby from a long hiatus, I was originally looking to clear out some vintage / old gear before upgrading to newer quality gear (was leaning towards Hegel Integrated Amplifiers H120 / H190 or a Heaven 11 Billie Amp from Montreal, but the wattage on the Billie amp seems low 60w@8ohms)

Look forward to receiving my Axiom bookshelf speakers.

Thanks for everyones input thus far.

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Re: speaker finishs - ROSEWOOD RED SATIN Rebulx 02/18/21 03:15 AM
Check this thread out guys.

Pics and all in that thread, no question about it, the new boston cherry is light years better than the old. The pics do not do it justice, or show the shine in the finish, and those were NOT high gloss. Still they were miles better. The old ones look and feel like a vinyl. The new ones look and feel like a much higher quality speaker and seems like real wood.
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Re: M5HP - Room Correction for Frequency Response Mojo 02/17/21 12:07 AM
At my FWB's, they're running in my 20 year old Denon totally uncorrected. They sound great! No sub.
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Re: What scotch/whiskey/bourbon did you drink last ni? chesseroo 02/16/21 11:08 PM
Originally Posted by michael_d

I've also been sampling Macallens. The 12Y sherry cask hits the mark for me. Good value for cost on this bottle.
The wife just had one from Christmas as a gift. She polished it off in a few week and quite liked it as well.
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Re: Damaged speakers chesseroo 02/16/21 10:44 PM
Originally Posted by SirQuack
Welcome back! Can't offer any repair ideas but maybe reaching out to Axiom they might offer some suggestions on repairs. Heck, they might be able to send you a cabinet with same finish and you just swap out the guts, or make you a deal on just swapping that one out from B Stock.

I second that. Ask Axiom if they have any suggestions before you start.
The bottom of the one isn't too bad but the top of the other is rather ugly. If they still sound ok and nothing inside has come loose, no severe bends in any driver components, then you can try your patch method, or something that Axiom could recommend, but at least they will sound fine. Aesthetics only matter if you care that much. Try some harsh sound testing to ensure you don't have any unusual noises from the fall.
Trading for other models is extreme. Many people don't just have cash to toss around on luxury items these days.
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Re: One Last LFR Question TrevorM 02/14/21 03:42 PM
Good input. Thanks!!
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Re: NAD pairing with Axiom BBIBH 02/12/21 12:15 PM
I ran NAD gear (receivers and amps) in various setups with Axiom speakers - both original AX models and M models with no issues. I found the combinations to be very musical and clean sounding.

I guess the amp output would depend on listening levels, but even a 40wpc NAD paired with any Axiom i owned was enjoyable for the listening levels I wanted.
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Re: What video games are you playing tonight? CV 02/12/21 01:11 AM
I snagged a handful of VR games since Steam is having another sale. Boneworks, Pavlov VR, Pistol Whip, Moss, and The Room VR: A Dark Matter. So far I've just dipped my toe into each one.

Pistol Whip is like a cross between Superhot and Beat Saber. I died quickly even though I was on Easy, so that may be a challenge.

Pavlov VR and Boneworks seem like they could be fun, but I got motion sickness fairly quickly on both due to the continuous motion style of movement. I much prefer the teleport-style option of Half-Life: Alyx. Otherwise, the weapon mechanics in Pavlov VR seems pretty refined. Weapons in Boneworks come across as more kludgy, but I think the appeal of that one is supposed to be the physics-based play. I hadn't gotten far enough into it to appreciate it before the motion sickness kicked in.

Moss could be the easiest for me to play. You get to guide the main character through a progression of screens like an adventure game. Puzzles to solve, cool environments, and no motion sickness.

The Room VR: A Dark Matter is the one I spent the least time in, so I don't have much to say yet.
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Chick Corea R.I.P. 1941-2021 Kodiak 02/11/21 11:22 PM
Hey All,

I've pasted a link to this for everybody. I really nice shout out from Rick Beato for Chick Corea.

On a personal note my dad introduced me to " Weather Report " which of course is some great music! Which led me too more of Chick's great music.

Have a watch, it's a heartfelt video from Rick.

If you've never seen Rick before then watch more of his videos, they are super interesting.

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Re: So what are you watching tonight? TrevorM 02/09/21 10:17 AM
There is no banding in the last season. We had that already in 4k and re-bought the 4k box set.

The super dark episode looks very good. smile
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Re: M80s vs M100s Mojo 02/09/21 05:08 AM
My M2OW were at 12' and they were more than ample for my musical needs. They rocked 20 feet into the kitchen. M5OW are better but I certainly wasn't suffering with M2s.
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Re: LFR880 Questions Mojo 02/07/21 08:53 PM
smile. Yes, sometime around April or May.
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