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Re: Two curves is enough Mojo 05/20/22 08:10 PM
In principal, yes. But what is the definition of "straight" and "look good"? There may be trade-offs between those two. Brystons may be "straight" but the wife doesn't like the aesthetics. So now you have to look elsewhere.

There is also the issue of how much power is required to achieve the necessary SPL. And how low you need the speaker to go.

What makes the Middle T better than an M60? A good exercise may be to look at the specs, including curves between the two, and try to identify the answer.
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Re: Onkyo Receiver making a click noise randomly Mojo 05/20/22 06:38 PM
Yikes! I take back what I said about the value of that model. Eblack, that model may have the dreaded HDMI board problem. Your first unit's HDMI board may go on you at any time.

Based on a preponderance of the data you presented, I judge that model to be a POS. Ditch it!
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Re: Is Axiom Audio Out of Business - No Phone or Email TrevorM 05/20/22 04:18 PM
For custom finish options and the price they are still a no brainer. As someone whos in a position “beyond capacity” the opportunity cost of answering the phone vs getting work done is a no brainer. Leave the phone alone.

It is 100% better for a business to work with existing customers and fill orders than give time to tire kickers if you have limited resources. As Mojo says the web interface is fine and google was working for general questions last time I checked…. Lol. laugh

In general, most questions can be found or answered in the forum, and frankly there are people here strong enough to design ground up rooms if help is needed. As for an RMA or refund I have always had a direct line or email to someone. No issues.

We did considerable business with Axiom this past year. No complaints on my end at all.
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Re: Can I play from USB without the app? Mojo 05/18/22 04:50 AM
Sorry to hear about your high school. I went to a special school for dumb kids (not kidding) and it was the best thing I did. To this day, not a week goes by that I don't thank my physics, math, chemistry and three electrical and electronics teachers who changed my life. That's also where I met Sheilagh, June, Crystal and Lisa. We all got along very well.

Yeah, I'll correct you on op amp. It's op-amp. At least that's how I learned it.

Maybe you can be my poetuc herald when we go on the road to preach audio.

Ever see my Christmas poem?

Cork, have we answered your question?
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Re: So what are you watching tonight? chesseroo 05/16/22 08:08 PM
As for watching lately, since we got all these:

On Disney-
Book of Boba Fett
Marvel Secret Wars series
Some old Disney movies like Flight of the Navigator, E.T., etc.

The Boys
Outer Range
Wheel of Time
various movies like Moonfall

Ran out of time to check out other series on Prime that i heard were good.
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Re: Silicone speaker stands for M5HP chesseroo 05/16/22 07:57 PM
Those are handy.
I have a spare Cambridge Audio receiver here and a pair of speakers in the office i could probably spare for the in-laws house (i heard the tv last night and its really terrible clarity). They don't have much space for audio though so i had two thoughts; put the tv up on the wall and place two speakers under the tv on an existing cabinet (it's only about 3 feet wide or less though), or maybe place speakers on the floor on either side of the cabinet, but then how to angle them upward?
These floor pads might be a solution.
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Re: Axiom Subwoofers vs other brands. Need compact. chesseroo 05/16/22 07:35 PM
I took a long hard look at SVS subs many moons ago. The biggest seller for deciding on Axiom was in part the ability to have it blend with the other speakers. For a long time many sub makers had black, black and black. I had little interest if they provided no colour options or at least something other than one option.
A friend of mine ended up buying the SVS 'water heater' at the time. It pounds out sound well and was better than the EP350 we had for SPL and 'slam', but the EP350 was way prettier.
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Re: Active LFRs and room treatment question chesseroo 05/16/22 07:32 PM
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Re: Comparison of Axiom to other brands chesseroo 05/16/22 07:24 PM
There's been a number of comparisons of Axiom speakers vs other brands over the years. In the past two i did a bunch of towers and i think i posted some thoughts on Monitor Audio and Angstrom bookshelves as well.
Not as many forum posters as there used to be in here so you might have to look more broadly to find M5 vs other brands if those comparisons exist. Some KEFs and Revel are VERY VERY good. I've been looking around for some Revel F208s.
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Re: Woofer size and “bass output” chesseroo 05/16/22 06:45 PM
Feels like deja vu.
I know this conversation came up many years ago though i don't recall if it visited the term "sound intensity". The info certainly helps to explain the concept though (good thought Trevor).

There are always several factors (aside from room) that determine how subs sound aside from solely driver size of course. There will always be 'industry standard' or 'scientifically standard' ways of measuring the metrics and less commonly known ways of measuring something related. Ultimately, when providing this to consumers, marketing has to balance too much info, too confusing, vs. what most average joes may know about or can comprehend more easily so i can see why you don't have these kinds of numbers reported (or maybe even measured) by speaker manufacturers, though the Audioscience site would certainly be one forum that would dig deep into the topic. From a sales point, asking about how loud a subwoofer gets is easier to understand with one number than two.

Ultimately, turning up any sub creates more 'slam', but if you want that hair to move on your legs when you hear no tone (the sub 20hz stuff), without cranking up a smaller sub, you need a bigger driver, bigger box. In the end, it is still all about moving air.
The EP350 and 500 share the same size of driver, but other things are significantly different. That being said, the EP500 has produced much more 'slam' in the same room. However, i have not verified if the EP500 SPL is producing that slam at the same or higher/lower SPL than the EP350 (sadly i no longer have the EP350 to test the idea).

So what else have i missed?
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Re: Bicycles Bicycles michael_d 05/14/22 04:28 PM
Originally Posted by CV
Yeah, almost all of my riding will be on asphalt (errands around town, pleasure rides on paved bike paths), but I anticipate doing some gravel and dirt, just not terrain with too much depth of character. I still like the idea of getting a mountain bike at some point, but I think I would only do it if I found someone to go with me. I'm not the biggest lone adventurer.

That Pivot 429 looks like a ton of fun. Besides the overall feel of the ride, what features are you enjoying so far?

Riding with a buddy would be nice. I tend to ride alone due to schedules, and we have bears everywhere. I hate packing a firearm when I'm riding a bike, or even bear spray. Both of which might work, if I have time to use them (highly unlikely). Two riding and talking is better, as the bear would hear us and not get startled.

I like how light the Pivot is, and feels. The geometry is also nice, along with the larger 29" wheels. It's uber-comfortable over rocks and bumpy terrain. Just an overall nice bike. It is considered more of a cross-country style than enduro, as it doesn't have a ton of suspension travel. For features, I dunno.... Not any one in particular. I do not have the package with electronic shifting, or the uber-expensive gear sets.

If you do go with a mountain bike, I would definitely take a few out for a spin before buying. They do ride and feel different. They all will come in different frame sizes too, so you will want to see which frame size is for you, and not go off a dumb sizeing chart.

I'm actually looking at getting one of Pivot's gravel bikes now.

A couple of my friends who are big-time bikers take their bikes with them all over the country. They check them as baggage. They go to bike parks and ride.... I had no idea there was such a thing as a "bike park" until I got my bike and found new friends who ride a lot. It is a hobby that is every much like audio.
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Re: Which on wall speakers should I get for my space? Mojo 05/14/22 04:22 AM
I double thumb...from both nostrils.
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Re: Forgive me father for I have Sined. Mojo 05/13/22 04:54 AM
You will think the bass is so awesome. But then, when you add a sub, you'll realize you were living a lie. Even for music.

I can say though that my active LFRs don't need a sub for music in my 4200 cu. ft. room. I routinely don't turn my subs on for music. You will have listened to enough Axioms to fully appreciate the actives.

Maybe just save up and work out a great deal for actives. Invest in what I told you and save up the divies.
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Re: Finish choices?? Mojo 05/12/22 02:52 AM
If they're still going in your apartment, I'm assuming it'll be well lit with natural light during the day. The walnut espresso will look great there.
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Re: CV's Subterranean Adventure Hambrabi 05/11/22 11:43 PM
Originally Posted by CV
What was shot about your night vision?

For a while, every point source of light in the dark had a halo: street lights, fairy lights, signal lights, headlights. Night time driving was quite dangerous, as if your eyeglasses were smeared with fingerprint oils at night. It does heal though.

My entire time with eyeglasses, I never managed better than 20/20 vision. It's amazing what modern surgery can do...if you can get past the burning smell of your cornea being cauterized.
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Re: Ep175v3 no green light Mojo 05/11/22 12:01 AM
Well then you know what? You, as the customer, get the benefit of the doubt. Axiom ought to allow you to trade up from your 175v3 to the 125v4. Andrew has said the 125v4 bats as hard as the 175v3! I have two in cherry chestnut and love them.
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Re: ZA-1000 Purchase and Questions Mojo 05/09/22 05:14 PM
I can't take credit for that verse. I stole it and added my twisted audiophilia to it. The credit goes to "one hit wonder director" Troy Duffy.
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Re: Anything new coming from Axiom? Mojo 05/08/22 09:30 PM
Originally Posted by Hambrabi
Originally Posted by Mojo
I don't want to influence you so I won't tell you that AccuEQ should result in tighter bass, more focused imaging, greater midrange detail and an expanded soundstage.

My experience with AccuEQ is that it changes absolutely nothing in my living room, and I hear no difference with it on or off. It could be that I have superb acoustics that doesn't need fixing. I find the volume calibration settings to be spot on and didn't need to tweak it.

Maybe your acoustics are great. Maybe Onk improved AccuEQ.

I've noticed, bankrupt or not, Onk is continuing to fund improvements in AccuEQ, and as far as features in its receivers is concerned, it's giving the competition a run for its money.

Eblack, I think you made a high value choice with that purchase.
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Re: Vintage Axiom 15” 3 way ID BBIBH 05/07/22 11:47 AM
I have been an Axiom follower and owner since the mid 1980's and I have never seen that model.

Do you have access to them or did you find these pictures online? I do see the traces of early Axiom models, such as the spring loaded speaker terminals, which were standard on 1980's models. But to my knowledge Axiom did not use mid and tweeters of that design. If they are that old the drivers may have been replaced by aftermarket units. In the late 1980's all models had "lifetime" warranties, so the owner might have been able to get replacement parts for the cost of shipping.

I joked with Ian several times about what lifetime, mine or the speakers!
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If you hate bending over... Mojo 05/06/22 12:14 AM turn on your subs, try this:
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Re: am i just being cheep? Hambrabi 05/05/22 04:21 AM
I used angled silicone stands for my M5HP and treat them as floor standers. They're angled upwards 15 degrees to eliminate the floor bounce, and you need a pair for each M5HP. They're a perfect fit (I'll upload a photo once I update my gallery pics.)

For some reason, they're only available on the Canadian Amazon site. I can't tell if they are knockoffs of the Audio Engine DS1 stands or if they're the same manufacturer but rebranded.
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Re: Deep Dive M5 Mojo 05/04/22 04:14 PM
That damned mecca lecca is stuck in my head now. Goes well with beer and bongs.
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Re: Tweeter in Axiom speakers M5HP Mojo 05/03/22 10:21 PM
Originally Posted by Chiru
Hi Mojo,

Thanks a lot for detailed response. You shared the information I was looking for about the speakers. Just curious ... How did you assimilate all this information ? This is very useful me and future axiom customers.


Chiru, I split the damned cabinets open, ripped out the innards, sliced their cross-sections and conducted forensic investigations using my omnipotent technical skills bestowed upon me by my engineering degree and what seems like 100 years of highly stressful professional practice.

What I don't understand is why you'd wait 6 months for the next sale to come along, risk price increases and deprive yourself of listening pleasure. Why not just send Axiom an e-mail and tell them you want to become a loyal customer NOW and ask them to give you their best price?

Dude, in 6 months we could all be ash. So live a little in the meantime. And don't worry.
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Repurposing Axiom's packaging rrlev 05/01/22 07:10 PM
Creating skyline, 1d QRD, and 2d QRD filters from Axiom's packing foam.

Think we should rename or start a new thread call "Repurposing Axiom's packaging"
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Re: Song Share- Stereo Fuel TrevorM 05/01/22 03:28 PM
Big fan and sucker for lowfi grooves. Heres a perfect Sunday cruiser for your system. Enjoy.

Saved- DECAP
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