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Re: Ghosts!? Kodiak 10/05/22 11:21 PM

I’m sure you’re familiar with Occam’s Razor?

I think I’d suggest exploring this ghost phenomena. Perhaps ASR can come over with some instrumentation to explore magnetic fields to find the ghosts.

Or… could check the wiring and jog your memory and I bet you come up with a memory of when you did some good kind of switch or change or experiment and it got wired wrong.

But I’m going with ghosts for sure. Your system is haunted and should be sold immediately.
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Re: Axiom M80's vs Revel F36 or Focal 826's? Kodiak 10/05/22 11:15 PM

That’s exactly correct and is exactly what I have experienced. That sums it all up nicely in one sentence.

Thumbs up.
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Re: M5HP “Review” on YouTube Mojo 10/05/22 10:32 PM
The problem though is a person like me who shows up and says what you ought to be hearing is this and therefore your stuff or the way it's set up is crap. Most times not knowing is better so now I just keep my trap shut.
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Re: Stereo receiver for M3's? Mojo 10/05/22 08:20 PM
Let us know which is better.
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Re: Is Axiom Audio Out of Business - No Phone or Email MMM 10/05/22 08:14 PM
i had some issues with one of my ADA1500 amps. what ended up solving the problem was putting a dual usb fan pumping in cool air into the unit. so now the amp stays cold to the touch and no extra noise, no channels that seem to drop out.

even on the mid setting the fans are silent from where I am sitting. With my current setup i had located each of the amps and lfr dsp inside a front cabinet that is under the TV. the added fan helped to keep them cool.
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Re: AVR or pre amp recommendations? Going 4K Mojo 10/04/22 02:53 PM
Originally Posted by michael_d
I bought a couple more fans that run off USB. Hopefully, this AVR holds out a few more months.

Atta boy! Engineering departments all over the world are being challenged to substitute bubble gum and duct tape for parts that can't be sourced.
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Re: Need feedback on three VP180 ONW as LCR from Ian roleary 10/01/22 07:40 PM
Hey Chiru, I'm looking at a very similar setup right now - did you ever get an answer on this and/or what did you end up going with?
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Re: So what are you watching tonight? Mojo 09/28/22 11:00 PM
I couldn't control my bladder on this one. It's a short parody of the first year of the Engineering Science (EngSci) program my son graduated from. If you are in a sour mood, this will fix you.

For reference, Praxis is a course where you have to tear down a product and analyze it and also build something and showcase it. TA is teaching assistant. AP Calc is advanced placement calculus from grade 12. While it prepares you somewhat for the traditional engineering program, it's an absolute joke for EngSci.

The U of T EngSci program is accelerated and absolutely brutal. It's one of the most distinguished engineering programs in the world.

This one is classic as well. Very creative. Poor kids.
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Re: HT in-progress rrlev 09/27/22 09:49 PM
This house is a completely new one built exactly where our old house was. Both had/have walk out basements in the back. The old house had a garage in the basement which exited to the back. Half the backyard was blacktop. Getting machinery and materials into the shop was easy since you could drop it right in front of the shop door. The backyard in the new house is all garden, stepping stones and permeable patio. There is no way to bring a 700lb machine into the shop that way and I didn't want to ruin my vision of a natural outdoor space by creating one. So, I put in an I beam trolly system at the back of the garage. It works quite well and gets used more than I thought it would.
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Re: need new headphones rrlev 09/27/22 03:01 PM
Are you still looking?
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Re: Axiom Customer Service…today Mojo 09/26/22 10:52 PM
So much for globalization. I told all my employers it would never work.
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Re: Science and mass market headphones Mojo 09/26/22 04:45 PM
"What happens when V5 is released, will you continue that approach?"

It's impossible to say. V5 may be crap for all we know. Or it may not offer valuable enough improvements.

Note the OP made absolutist statements that I felt I had to respond to. His statements are prefaced with a dash or are encapsulated in quotes. My responses follow.
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Re: Black Friday sale Kodiak 09/26/22 04:54 AM
That is the clearly the solution. You should have thought of that sooner. I think that you will find what you are looking for if you upgrade your 500 to 600 and 600 to 800.

I think that you’ll also be further satisfied by upgrading your 125s to 175. And you better try some twin 350s too just in case.

Then and only then will you be grounded in reality.

It’s so obvious that is what you need.

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Re: Ep600 Low Power Mode doesnt save power chesseroo 09/25/22 04:56 AM
Originally Posted by rrlev
Chess, a bar would be the simplest solution but there are a couple of issues.
Initially I was leaving the ADA1500’s front power switch on and only using the power switch in the back. Powering up in this case caused high in-rush … I think the in-rush limiter is engaged when the amp is not triggered and removed when it is (front power switch is the trigger when nothing is plugged into the trigger jack). On power down if you don’t trigger off first the ada may output a loud squeally noise to your speakers (mojo’s choking squirrel).
Just an FYI …


Unfortunately leaving a power bar out for view is butt ugly and more complicated for the family to know what to do to turn everything on (i.e., vs. using the remote control single button push presently).
The power bump and potential noise that follows is too disconcerting to consider.
If it were just me using the room i would say i could put up with the issues.
I'm not leaning towards that side of the fence though.
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Re: no so hearing things it seems sadly chesseroo 09/25/22 02:26 AM
Finally got the ADA back last week.
Then i discovered a heat sink fell off somewhere inside, (had a rattle when i took the amp out of the box). Apparently it was a part off an inductor and as such, the unit was unsafe to run.
Just got another (new) amp now this week.

Maybe, finally, this saga is coming to an end.
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Recommended tabletop swivel tv mount? Hambrabi 09/23/22 05:10 PM
I finally ordered a 65" 4K TV, redeeming my Airmiles points and getting myself off that capsizing boat. From my 8 foot viewing distance, it should be a major upgrade from a 30º viewing angle to 40º for roughly the same footprint. My upstairs 52" 1080p (bought in 2008, just look at those bezels) will be reassigned to the basement family room, and the 37" 720p there will be retired.

Unfortunately, I need to a swivel tabletop TV mount to fit on my TV stand. The ones available in nearby retailers are overpriced:

There's a couple of brands that are a third the price. Is there any reason I should avoid the less expensive brands? I don't want to discover that you get what you pay for.
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Re: Axiom now at Best Buy Mojo 09/22/22 05:45 PM
Not sure they're giving profit away. I can't really tell by comparing the factory direct vs. Best Buy prices.
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AWS Certification Dumps Real Exam AWSCertification 09/20/22 10:30 AM
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Re: Speaker placement advice JackSuss 09/18/22 10:24 AM
Thanks everyone. Some great advice.

I will set up the qs8s as mojo suggested and sit on the m22s for now. Hopefully the roller blind won't mess with tone of the qs8s too much. Maybe mount one on the back wall. I'll mount the 150 below the tv.

Re the tv, yep. The mounting bracket was already there. Once the sparky moves the power point, we should be able to tilt it down a bit.
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Re: Axiom now rents cabins SirQuack 09/16/22 01:45 AM
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Re: A little update Hambrabi 09/15/22 10:57 PM
A running commentary would be welcome about the acoustic treatments you used. My knowledge of the subject is about as sophisticated as adding carpeting and drapes and calling it a day.

I'm curious about the switch from radiant baseboard heating to what appears to be forced air heating. Normally it's an expensive endeavor to switch heat sources or hire someone to plumb ductwork and rebalance the home's HVAC. It looks like the before picture already has existing ceiling ductwork? But it's missing during the reno pic.
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Re: Subwoofer isolation TrevorM 09/13/22 08:55 PM
Hi Blair. Good to see ya.
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Re: another room setup question pbacksport 09/09/22 08:03 PM
without sub was MUCH better. it threw the m22s into full mode so i set those to 60Hz as well. punchy, not boomy, i likey.

thank you again!!
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