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Re: Can't save radio station found using Tunein Radio Mojo 06/02/20 11:42 PM
I just discovered from the play queue, you can save to a playlist by hitting the disk icon. This is another way to save TuneIn Radio stations.
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Re: Force or Freedom? Mojo 06/02/20 11:12 PM
I am so impressed with the dynamic capability of these things.

I'm sitting on the deck (free space) listening to Me Paisito on the Freedom. I'm 8 feet away listening at 75 dBC. On battery.

I can crank it and get clean 102 dBC peaks at 8 feet away. That's 27 dB of headroom! From a portable!! Clean!!!

On AC it could probably squeeze out another dB. No one can ask for more. Not even difficult me.

I bet the Force can squeeze out a clean 105 dBC on AC in the great outdoors.
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Re: Receiver MultiChannel inputs SirQuack 06/02/20 07:10 PM
Nice to see ya again Mark!
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Re: It's burning!!! Mojo 06/02/20 04:15 PM
About what?
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Klippel Scanner vs Chamber TrevorM 06/01/20 11:24 PM
Question for Andrew and Ian.

What do you guys think about the klippel scanner being used elsewhere?

It is pretty expensive, but apparently very precise and automated process.
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Re: I know Rick Moranis has retired... bridgman 06/01/20 09:07 PM
It would be tragic if the first fatality in space was someone trying to open their beer with the Canadarm.

I guess an uncontrolled re-entry would be worse...
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Re: Hooking up to vinyl SirQuack 06/01/20 06:57 PM
I did months of reviews and talked to many current owners. Was leaning towards Pro-Ject, and then Rega, but after talking to many current owners and the problems they had, went with Fluance RT85 with Ortofon Blue and Acrylic platter. So glad I did. Also, a friend of mine has a uTurn and loves it as well. Yeah the others have been around awhile and have a huge UK following, but to me they are nothing special unless you want to spend huge bucks and pay for the name.

Paired it with a Schiit Mani phono preamp, again reviewed by many reputable sources, this thing rivals preamps costing 1K or more, for about $120. But you have to do your research on their products to realize their value. Paired with the Ortofon Blue, amazing detail and dynamics. Of course I restore all my albums with my new ultrasonic cleaner, no more tics and pops.

Like Axiom these companies give you the best bang for the buck, and great CS. Just my opinion.

ps: I also have an Anthem AVM60, and guess what the Genesis Arc room correction is the bomb, I know some frown. smile
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Re: Am I the only one who didn't know this ? brendo 05/31/20 07:26 PM
I've had the same problem after posting it tells me I need to be Admin. To do so. On some attempts.
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Re: So what are you watching tonight? brendo 05/31/20 06:35 PM
Did Sonic the hedgehog last night. Quite funny definitely worth a watch. Jim Carrey is sadly still stuck playing himself as in most all movies he's included. But it worked quite well for Egg man.
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Re: Speaker Setup? TrevorM 05/31/20 10:13 AM
Did anyone give it a shot? (Cue crickets)
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Re: Moving from 5.1 to 4.1 TrevorM 05/31/20 10:09 AM
Originally Posted by Mojo
It is a good question why women, on the whole, are not into sound reproduction the way men are. I don't have a theory.

Lol! I just got it. Clever indeed lol. laugh
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Re: So what are ya listening to tonight? CV 05/31/20 02:55 AM
Ludwig van Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata ( 3rd Movement ) Tina S Cover

I'm late checking out her videos. Talk about a freak of technique.
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Re: CV's Subterranean Adventure CV 05/31/20 02:53 AM
Originally Posted by Mojo
Charles, play this at reference level.

Very nice. Are you maintaining a list of your demo material?
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Re: Song Share- Stereo Fuel TrevorM 05/27/20 11:51 PM
Yeah! Glad you liked it. smile
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Re: The LFR 1100 Actives Have Landed korkster 05/26/20 08:12 PM
Well, last week we reached the point of no return with the LFR 1100 Actives, literally, as my 30 day trial period is over. And I have no intention of sending these back. They have definitely found a home here. Although I have not had as much time with them as I would have liked, I have fallen in love with them. They will not make bad recordings sound better; they are incredibly neutral and accurate. But they will reward you in spades when listening to quality recordings. Incredible detail and clarity, and the bottom end has come around beautifully. I know that there is a lot of debate out there about speaker "burn in," but in this case these things definitely got better in the low end with use. They were incredible in the mids and highs right out of the box,

I recently saw a video with Andrew Jones from ELAC on this topic, and although he is not a big believer in speaker "burn in" (and neither is Ian, btw), Jones does believe that there is some improvement in the low end at the beginning of use as the "spider" moves around a bit and then settles in. This all happens at the start of use and afterwards things don't change much (for instance the 100 hours theory), but the woofers do need to loosen up a bit at first. I don't understand the physics of all this and whether or not it's true for all speakers, but I truly believe in this case, those first hours of use really brought the low end around on the LFR 1100 Actives. Maybe just a placebo effect for me, but the low end is definitely more dynamic and powerful to my ears now than at first. And that "fullness" that I felt was missing a bit is there now. Would I still want a subwoofer(s) for movies, probably. But I am getting everything I want for two channel music listening. I'll leave it up to those who are much more technically knowledgeable to get into the finer details of all this, but as far as I'm concerned, I am a happy camper!

You did good, Ian! And thanks so much for all of the support and assistance during the process. Axiom is an outstanding company! And the M80's that I bought all of those many years ago keep singing away beautifully in my dedicated theater along with the QS-8's, and 10's that were added later. :-) Now what to do with all of that cardboard?
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Re: can't make up my mind Mojo 05/23/20 02:16 AM
The M5HP is in a different league.
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Re: Businesses reopening with Pandemic subsiding? Jeff_in_the_D 05/22/20 08:18 PM
I know, right, how could it be considered non essential?
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Re: music streamer Kodiak 05/22/20 12:33 AM
Thanks Curved. You are right. Will likely use Ethernet. Still deciding on what to do.

Coincidently as I’m deciding on a streaming option my current Receiver is now having issues. ( 1993 Yamaha Rx595). The motor on the volume knob is not functioning now / intermittently. The little screen is flashing and intermittent. Some of the controls are still staticky even after a cleaning.

Soooooo.... I’m considering a new integrated or pre more seriously now as well as a streamer.

I was pretty sure I was going to grab a transformer as a streamer and keep rocking with my old yammy. It does the job just fine. Good amount of power to a point for medium loud.

Anyway maybe I’ll start a new post to not hijack this one.

Closing thought on the Axiom Transformer as a serious shopping consumer is, it looks great and has the right features and I’m inches away from buying one. I consider it a solid quality option and great value [/color].I’ll see what I decide for amplifier options as that will gave an influence on what I decide for a streamer too. I don’t want to buy double on features that the Transformer has and on what certain integrateds or pre’s have. But also want to make choices that support larger speaker upgrade in long term too. ( m80hp or m100 , 5 years or more from now. ).
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Re: Active LFR1100s vs Full Immersive system rrlev 05/21/20 04:08 AM
Trevor, I bought AudioTools ...
Not the slickest app I've used but it's definitely more of a tool then I expected.
From what I've seen so far I can safely say I'm not regretting the purchase.

Thanks for recommending it.
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Re: Bored, So Got Something New 2x6spds 05/19/20 07:24 PM
I haven't had a chance to set up the remaining 4 M2OWs, but I've been doing a lot of listening to the 2 channel system. Sounds pretty darn good!

The Gold Note DS10 streamer/DAC is much more convenient than vinyl and sounds great. I signed up for Qobuz but mostly listen to Tidal.

The Isotek Aquarius power conditioner with upgraded power cords has been a good addition. Bass seems better, noise floor lowered. The Harbeth 30.2s driven by the Line Magnetic 845 Premium sound great. The LM looks like it came from Dr. Frankenstein's lab with it's big tube array.
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Re: Netflix audio quality Mojo 05/18/20 06:16 PM
Netflix support claims it is not limiting dynamics. But I know I am not the only one complaining. I believe they are limiting dynamics on highly popular content to save money. If they weren't, they'd come out and say so.
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Re: AxiomAir Transformer Advice Please Kodiak 05/17/20 05:16 AM
Hi. Just thought I’d post this link for future searches of the transformer. My questions were mostly answered here. It was a gentle hi jacking of the thread.
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Re: 7.1 speaker positioning Mojo 05/16/20 09:37 PM
You are likely right about my room.

BTW, I tried anywhere from 3 feet to 11 feet. Nadda! I also tried two different receivers. No difference.

Atmos, or something like it, one day. I am in absolutely no hurry because I am FINALLY really enjoying what I have.
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Re: Jeffs Basement Theater Mojo 05/16/20 12:38 AM
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Re: What are your top ten acts of all time? Jeff_in_the_D 05/15/20 11:16 PM
Guess I can’t follow directions very well. I was having too much fun. Not really a list of the top ten all time.
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