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Re: M2 vs in ceiling Canesfan27 10/26/21 02:37 PM
Thanks for the input. I will still create the cavity in the ceiling in the event I decided to change to in ceiling down the road but I figured since I have the m2s coming anyway it might be a good use for them given their small footprint and they will be easy to angle and adjust using the fmcb.
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Re: Speaker cables 2x6spds 10/26/21 04:05 AM
Yup, I'm not dissing Outlaw products. My friend has an Outlaw 5 channel receiver driving some Michaura M665 towers (very much like our M60s) and M55 surrounds (very much like our M22s). Sounds great.

I have no experience with Emotiva products. I had an Anthem PVA 5 channel amplifier (rated at 120ish watts per channel). Very, very nice sound quality. Never had a clipping problem with it.
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Re: So what are ya listening to tonight? 2x6spds 10/26/21 03:57 AM
Kenny Burrell, Midnight Blue, Blue Note's new vinyl 33 1/3 release. Sounds great. Mellow. Can't do frantic jazz.

So, the BAT monoblocks are back in Delaware for an upgrade to VK56SE trim. I'm driving the Wilson Sabrina X's with my old, but recapped, legendary Yamaha M80, the gentle beast. Not tubes, but sure sounds pretty good. Definitely has a good handle on the Sabrina's bass output. The EAR 88pb phono stage has 4 Matsushita National 6922 tubes, and I upgraded the 6922s in the BAT VK33 preamp to Russian 6N-23EV tubes. They all play very nicely with the solid state Yamaha power amp.
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Re: RMC-1 & going beyond 16 channel surround 2x6spds 10/26/21 03:47 AM
More channels good, I think!

Someday, I have to dial in my 8805 and 7703 systems. If any of you end up in Orange County, I'd sure like the company.
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Re: HT in-progress Canesfan27 10/26/21 02:30 AM
The carpet glue was interesting but the experiment wasn’t in a controlled lab. He simply measured sound volume at different frequencies. If I had a small room I might be willing to try it but the sheer size of my room there is no way I’d be willing to make that leap. Watched another series made by a physicist that said green glue was a farce too. He was essentially saying the same thing. That any non-drying liquid would work just as well. He said regular caulk would do the same thing but didn’t actually conduct any tests.
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Re: M100s? Canesfan27 10/25/21 11:03 PM
M2 bookshelf speakers on order. Planning on setting them up as zone 2 speakers on the far end of the room.
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Re: State of AV receivers Fall 2021 Coreyh 10/25/21 11:00 PM
I'm looking at a receiver upgrade soon. I've been eyeing up the anthem mrx 740. The ARC seems intriguing to me. Anyone have experience running ARC or with anthem receivers in general? At almost $4000 CAD it's a big price to pay if they're may be better options for around the same price point or possibly cheaper. Thanks.
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Re: So what are you watching tonight? CV 10/25/21 09:52 PM
Originally Posted by chesseroo
There's two parts??
We are thinking about going to see it. Was hoping it wasn't going to be a piece of crap compared to the cult classic original. Some of the movie remakes are just so terrible.

I'm not sure if you'll like the vibe of the new one if you're a fan of the original, so you'll have to let me know what you think.

And even though I like this new one, enough of the character moments and story emphasis is off compared to the novel that I'm not sure how much I'll revisit it compared to Denis Villeneuve's other movies I've really enjoyed. I guess I'll find out with subsequent viewings how much lasting value it has for me.
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Re: Questions about the QS10HP Signals 10/25/21 04:47 AM
Thank you for your reply. I will be contacting Axiom directly for some info. I appreciate the suggestions for speaker testing ideas. I may just end up skipping the stands.
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Re: speaker finish choices chesseroo 10/22/21 07:05 PM
Added an image with a room that includes a window, outdoor lighting. Cloudy day.
The indirect light almost reflects more of the matte finish giving it an even whiter, almost whitewashed look. Although the semi gloss can provide more reflections, the matte finish still has a sheen that does the same. However, when you get a less reflected light, you see what you see now; the semi gloss really stands out, makes the grain and colours just pop!

[Linked Image from]
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Re: Starting to oggle new gear chesseroo 10/21/21 06:09 PM
Speakers finally ordered!

M60s (tentative)
QS8 x2
QS10 x2

LFR880 (tentative)

We are going to test out the LFR in both rooms, HT and main floor. Although the 880s are likely too big for the HT, i think we can assess the omni effect sufficiently. This will also be tested on the main floor. It's possible we could keep the 880s for the HT and send back the M60s, or the reverse. If the 880s fill a role for the main floor, we might send back the 880s for a pair of 1100s instead.

Hoping to have a chance to A/B the older M60Ti with the newer v4s; time allowing (it's the busy hockey and swimming season). I may also be able to get two other very accomplished stereophiles in on the A/B sessions.

Per some suggestions, we'll also be moving our media cabinet out from under the tv to another wall and will be placing the centre channel on a stand instead. This should open up more reflections off the back wall and reduce the boxyness that has resulted so far from the current config. It will also clean up the front look a bit and help us finalize the decor on the wall where the cabinet will go. Planning to possibly add some absorbing art to compliment the heavy drapes on the opposite wall with the french doors. Maybe something like one of these:
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Re: Spinorama site chesseroo 10/21/21 06:01 PM
Many speakers not in the list but give the scraping time and maybe it will find something on Axioms. Still an interesting compilation. Shows the large variation even within brands.
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Re: need some M5 on-wall measurements rrlev 10/21/21 02:24 AM
SQ 2.54 memorize it.
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Re: And now the wait starts again Cork 10/14/21 02:15 AM
The M5s are going to be awesome, but it's not nearly as cool as the nice thing you and your buddies did. Music and video can be a great distraction in tough times, so great idea.
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Re: New M5HP's arrived chesseroo 10/14/21 01:52 AM
Just saw these.
Very nice. Was curious what the walnut in high gloss would look like.
Adding this to the colour swatch thread...
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Re: Updating Surrounds to OWM5! LondonCalling 10/11/21 07:37 PM
Oops, didn't realize that I started on page 2 of the thread. blush
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Re: Axiom DSP for 2 Channel Kodiak 10/07/21 01:09 AM
Yeah thanks Trevor. That’s a good looking unit. I guess I was just curious about the Axiom dsp in general.

I like the looks of the nad. Preamp and DAc in one. Nice. I don’t know if I could go without a volume knob though! I like the knob! smile

Edit: I’ve been watching the audioholics videos and others on Dirac. Very interesting tech. Seems worthy.
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Re: Atmos speaker setup 2x6spds 10/06/21 09:09 PM
Yup, most normal people.
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Re: Andrew's Mean Audio Video rrlev 10/06/21 03:07 AM
Originally Posted by Cork
I get into the most trouble when I'm trying to be humorous. My humor doesn't always translate to print well. (According to my wife, it doesn't always translate in person either ...)
My humor doesn't always translate period ... smile
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Re: Air N2 Sam_Bruni 10/06/21 01:57 AM
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Re: Understanding Graphs, roll off and M100 querys Kodiak 10/05/21 10:07 PM
Wow. Great discussion above and responses. Right on. Well here is another thing I noticed. The spec on the m60 is ststed as handing of the mid range to the low at 500hz. That seems reallly high to be handing down the midrange to the woofer. I would think the spec should be similar to the m80 and m100 and handing off at 160hz or 200hz. Thoughts?

Also, the center channels are stated as handing off at 500hz, is this correct? I'm not knowledgable at all with anything center channel or 5.1 etc surround stuff. It's glaring blank in my knowledge base. My 2 channel knowledge is improving though, I think some of what i've learned is actually true as well. ( Ha ha.)
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Re: Axiom's view on speaker break-in? TrevorM 10/02/21 03:14 PM
Not that it really matter what any of us say.... Like the Barenaked Ladies sing "It's all been done before!"
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Re: Programming AxiomAir N3 w/ Apple TV Siri remote Sam_Bruni 10/01/21 04:36 AM
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Re: New Home Theater layout rrlev 10/01/21 01:48 AM
Originally Posted by chesseroo
the closer you get, you need that higher resolution 4k content
it will probably be some time yet before i can regularly enjoy 4k on the new LG 77" given how little daily content exists out there

I actually had to get something like 4 feet to the 77" before I started to see the compression/upsampling artifact off of Netflix (or maybe it was a DVD). Using a 4k blue-ray I think I started to notice the artifact just a bit before I started seeing the pixels at about 2'(?). BTW my eyesight is less then great so ... your mileage my vary.

In any case ... for me, the compression/upsampling artifacts is more noticeable and annoying than the pixels.
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Re: Which Power Source for M60ti? Newbie. chesseroo 10/01/21 01:07 AM
A heckuva post.
I thought i was one of the rare few that wrote books in here.

The hardest thing about doing /setting up an A/B test is getting all the variables under control. As much as we think and try to tell ourselves that we won't have bias, there will always be something. For example, if the SPL output is not virtually identical between the two units being played back, then even with an A/B switch you will notice a difference that you might attribute to being the 'better' unit when the reason could come back to something as simple as a difference in signal to gain ratios for the units.
It is less distinct a factor to put your finger on compared to amps, but provides a huge difference, when comparing speakers that have different efficiencies.

Ultimately since so few people have the means to do true A/B testing, you have to use whatever method you have to try and ascertain a difference. It is the primary reason that drives audio myths, though in part unintentionally because of the limitations people have. Some wouldn't choose to use a controlled method though even if they were offered. It would destroy too much of the 'magic' for them.
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