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Re: Setting up my subwoofer Rebulx 09/21/20 03:20 AM
Seriously, night and day difference! I am loving my upgrade to the new EP600, best purchase ever! The old 350 was great, but man I love this 600!
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Re: HP Drivers vs Regular TrevorM 09/20/20 11:10 PM
Originally Posted by Rebulx
Trevor, why no love for REW?

Just a preference thing. Audio equipment doesnt always mean hdmi.

Honestly, it was much easier to quickly measure and tune with test discs or the onboard tones or pink noise generator with Audiotools. Measuring phase was a gamechanger with subwoofer integration. I dont think REW can measure phase properly with an external mic preamp. Maybe usb? Dunno.

Audiotools is ready to go out of the gate with very dependable results. REW I found was great, but definitely very clunky to set up for a mobile user in different rooms and not a lot of time. The laptop reliance was a deal breaker with all the drivers and other windows drivers in the process. I am not patient with software that gets in its own way or needs a care and feeding manual. Lol.

I was able to walk someone through the install, hookup and use over facetime in NZ with Audiotools. Pretty sweet. Super easy, powerful and intuitive. I used to think apps were kinda flakey or gimmicky. Not this one for sure. Pro grade.
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Re: Add hardware volume control Mojo 09/20/20 06:15 PM
My suspicion is that eventually it will be an open-source, programmable platform. The open-source will consist of robustly engineered public APIs.
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Re: 2 amps one set of M80's HP Mojo 09/20/20 01:19 PM
If it's more convenient, you could disconnect one plug at the source.
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Re: So what are you watching tonight? brendo 09/19/20 04:24 PM
Last night My kids watched PONYO forgot how well done the Ghibli movies are. I have them all {English versions] Really good soundtracks very immersive. My kids used to watch them regularly now once and a while.

Haven't clicked on My Spy yet, most kids movies tend to be better than the rest nowadays. Not just over dramatic romance. Find it hard to watch most movies on Prime. Myself can't take romance.{It's always the same damn story}

Watched Judy, Can't believe I sat through Rene Zellweger trying to sing. She was flat the whole time drove me crazy.
Also did Elton was okay why does every thing made for women audiences need to be a love story.
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Re: I Know This Is Not Normal 2x6spds 09/19/20 02:43 PM
Ah, Mr. Mojo. The Tragers are black. I'll post some pictures later today.

The Skylans weighed about 30-40 lbs each, once loaded with rice. The Tragers feel like about 5 lbs each.
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Re: What video games are you playing tonight? CV 09/18/20 12:56 PM
I built a new computer last year, so I've been trying to play more games to justify the expense. There's also the fact that there's been a ton of smoke in the air from the wildfires, so staying indoors is the thing to do. This last week or two I've been putting time into Control and Halo: The Master Chief Collection. I played a fair amount of the Halo games back in the day, so it's nice to play through again, this time with updated graphics (4K FTW). Control looks cool and plays well. Playing both games drives home the fact that I'm out of practice, and I don't want to put the time in to master the controls. Doing the Easy difficulty just to get through them.
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Re: LFR 1100 levels Mojo 09/17/20 08:21 PM
It's not like you are hurting with passive LFR1100s. smile
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Re: Trigger pulled!!! Mojo 09/16/20 05:34 PM
Yeah, in my living room, the M100s are way over the top when it comes to bass. My living room provides a nice boost that gets the M50s to play well right down to 30Hz. The room is good for the M2s also. The M50s, M2s and A-LFRs are the only Axioms that don't need bass EQ in my living room. The A-LFRs are better than perfect in that room as far as bass is concerned.
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Re: 2020? BBC Proms JohnK 09/16/20 03:40 AM
The Philharmonia Orchestra came to the Proms a few days ago for a llive performance with some distancing of the players and no audience. Hearing the concert in the Royal Albert Hall with it being nearly empty instead of having 5,000 audience members did make for a somewhat more spacious acoustic.

The concert opened with Ravel's colorful Le Tombeau de Couperin. They followed with a vigorous performance of the Shostakovich Piano Concerto No. 1 .

The major work was Mozart's final symphony(before his death at 35)the number 41(Jupiter)often considered to be his finest. A brief encore of the Sibelius Valse Triste., which had been picked by vote of the BBC radio audience, concluded the concert.

On the iPlayer .
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Re: Deep Dive M5 TrevorM 09/15/20 08:51 PM
Lol. Happy with the M5s fer now.

Too many other bills right now.
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Re: Speaker Setup? Rebulx 09/15/20 01:41 AM
Fantastic read Trevor, I'm glad you brought it back to the top of the forum so I could read it. Personally my room acoustics are the worst so i'm not ready to completely go down that setup path. An SPL meter and my distance meter works ok for now, while lazily sitting in my listening position. Your read is a fun way to really dialing in a setup! When I setup my home theater I will be referencing this.
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Re: Raising Subwoofers TrevorM 09/13/20 06:16 PM
Strictly speaking, yes.

Putting more solid boundaries and objects between and amongst the LCR channels adds to the pile of unknowns when you are trying to predict an outcome. The end result is a couple of towers similar to the footprint of an EP800. I shifted them back of the plane of the main speakers to reduce any interference as much as possible by 5 inches or so. They are concrete, so they don't really store or absorb much energy (inert.)

You can use some 2x4s or other framing as needed to make the stands sturdy. In this case, I was basically 50$ plus taxes for the experiment and some sweat. smile More of a quick solution than a pretty one I admit. But they are behind a screen wall in this case.

I do not perceive the cinder blocks had any negative effect on sound quality. I think the little bit of overhang they eliminated by removing the floor loading really opened up the rest of the frequency range. Pretty sweet.

They make a square tower 16" x 16" when stacked with the honeycombs vertical.
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Re: Axiom M100 vs. Bryston Model T Mojo 09/12/20 01:40 PM
McBlueMeters, you get a 20 year warranty with the Brystons. 5 year with Axiom. I don't think this matters practically though.

What does matter is the Axiom loyalty program. You can rack up discounts of up to 12%. And if you can wait 21 days, that's another 10%. And Ian is so damned generous, he sometimes gives double your loyalty discount so that's up to 24% + 10%. On top of that, you can upgrade by trading in. And he's quite generous with the trade-in value.

He'll give Mr.Tanner 8" woofers and a cabinet built as strong as a naval vessel but never LFRs or a loyalty club. Those are reserved for Axiomoes.

So you can buy the active LFR1100s today and enjoy 4K 3D imaging with no speakers to be heard anywhere up to 116dBC from 14 feet away, and when he introduces the active LFR1500s, you can upgrade to those for an 8K sonic bonanza!
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Re: N2 versus N3 Mojo 09/11/20 10:37 PM
I'll just say it again. The mid-bass and phat bottom on the N3 is so much more satisfying than the Kickstarter version.
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Re: So what are ya listening to tonight? Mojo 09/11/20 01:53 AM
It's cool but man it would be so better with imaging and a soundstage. smile
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Re: Height, width, depth...oh my! Curved Air 09/10/20 10:43 PM
Thanks Mojo!

Enjoyed reading that
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Re: Hi res on Air Kodiak 09/09/20 09:47 PM
I’d still like to know for sure. But that’s interesting that’s it’s hard to tell. Sounds like it’s pretty subtle then. Not a big deal then.
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Re: Trying to re-start the Kickstarter AxiomAir Ian 09/08/20 07:19 AM
We will send you one of ours, seems easiest.
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Re: SVS 2000 vs EP 600 - Head to Head Mojo 09/07/20 03:48 AM
I am very sorry to hear about your brother.

Here's an image of my switch. smile

[Linked Image from]

The boost mode adds about 6dB of gain between 55Hz and 85Hz. 6dB of gain is 4 times the output of the linear mode. That is the mid-bass region by the way. Boost will give you more snap and punch in the mid-bass.

Thanks for letting me know about the 350.
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Re: Sphincter-free M80 Mojo 09/06/20 01:25 PM
From my primitive characterization, it appears the Axiom HP drivers output peaks of 118dB at 3m. Those Daytons output 110dB peaks at the same distance. I'd expect the Bryston 8" drivers could outperform the Axiom HP drivers. The HP drivers are $241.
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Re: M80 OW Mount Mojo 09/05/20 02:38 PM
Let me clarify. For stereo, my M2OW sound like garbage if they're not on the wall. They may be fine as surrounds though. I haven't tried them in that application.
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Re: Tried out the 11.2 System Mojo 09/04/20 09:30 PM
Canadians kill kindly.
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Re: Out with the new and in with the newer Mojo 09/03/20 11:50 PM
Rich, now you know why I like both the M2OW and the actives. The M2OW give me the same soundstage and images but those images are in lower acoustic resolution than the actives. This allows me to focus on the music rather than the details. I prefer them both. LOL!

Ditto with the M3 and M50. The M5 is a different animal.
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Re: No volume control Ian 09/02/20 08:07 AM
Hi CarlyAzuma,

In the App if you tap the gear in the upper right and then System what version of the software does it say you are running?
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