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If we have one slogan we repeat again and again, it's that you can never have too much power, and we've made it our mission to help you get the power you need to get every last ounce out of your loudspeakers.

For those of you who crave detail and clarity, we present three audiophile amplifier series: the ADA 1000, ADA 1250 and the ADA 1500. Each amplifier series can be configured in 2 to 8 channels, allowing you to choose the exact configuration you need for your ultimate audio experience.

Learn more about each home amplifier:

  • The 1000, 250 watts RMS per channel 4 Ohms
  • The 1250, 450 watts RMS per channel 4 Ohms
  • The 1500, 650 watts RMS per channel 4 Ohms

Each amplifier can drive up to eight channels, and can be powered with 100, 120 or 240 volts, depending on what is available in your country.

Why get a dedicated amplifier? Why not just use a receiver? I asked Ian Colquhoun to enlighten us:

"All of the Axiom amplifiers are a step up in real world power from what you would get in a typical receiver. To explain why this is we need to look beyond just the standard used specification of Watts per Channel. 

"Receiver power is almost always rated at one channel driven with no dynamic headroom. This means that a receiver rating of 120 watts per channel, given seven channels operating, only has a total power available to each channel, with all channels driven, of 17 watts per channel. 

"On top of this there is typically no dynamic headroom in a receiver-style amplifier. This means that once you hit the total power of 120 watts as demanded by your seven channels added together you reach amplifier clipping which manifests itself by adding a harshness to the sound that makes you want to turn it down. You would be surprised how low the volume actually is when this starts occurring

"Axiom dedicated amplifiers have massive power supplies and massive power storage capabilities. This means that not only do you have many times the power available to each channel with all channels driven but you also have the ability to exceed that power by many times for short dynamic requirements by tapping into our massive power storage capacity. The result is a very clean-sounding performance at moderate to loud volume levels."

Axiom home amplifiers can be connected to either the pre-amp outputs on your receiver (check if your receiver has these) or to a stand-alone pre-amp processor. Not sure? Call 1-888-352-9466 or email our friendly staff for help.

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