I am displeased with my current integrated amp/speaker combo, and I hope that someone more knowledgeable than me about audio might have some recommendations. My integrated amp is the Vecteur I-4. My speakers are the Axiom Audio M-22's. In order for the speakers to sound good, I must turn the integrated amplifier up to about half of its volume capacity. This volume is too loud for my small, 12' x 15' x 8' Manhattan studio. At lower volumes, the sound seems vague, lost, and distant. At lower volumes, my guess is that the speakers' capacities are not being utilized. I think that with smaller, less powerful speakers, I might get better results at lower volumes. At greater volumes, the sound is too rich and insufficiently precise. I can still return the Axioms and replace them with other speakers, but the amp is not returnable, though I could probably sell it on Audiogon for the amount I paid for it. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could improve the performance of my stereo?
Here are links to the specs. for my speakers and amp.: