While trailer parks are becoming rare, almost all of them the Maritimes here are year round homes.

Canada is one of the largest countries in the world so it' impossible to quantify our winter weather into one simple statement. Yes, it's harsh in the north but near the US border we share our weather patterns. Even in the south it varies from relatively warm and hardly any snow in some areas to snow as high as your hat in others.

Winters in the lower parts of Canada are probably not a lot worse than in the most northern US states. The Maritimes share a lot of weather and temperature ranges with the New England states. In fact, we often watch our winter weather blow up from the south. We watch cities in northeastern US get nailed with a snowstorm and then wait for it to hit us. A couple times a year though, we get a good nor'easter that make the NE US 'average' storms look pretty wimpy. Every year is very different lately but that leads to a whole other discussion.

Move up a bit more north though to Newfoundland and the snowfalls and storm intensities seem to double. In contrast, cities on the lower west coast of Canada like Victoria, hardly get any snow at all. Very temperate by winter standards.

Of course our far north extend up into the Artic, so it's all relative as you move up in towards the pole.

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