Hi, I'm completely new to all this and I don't have a lot of knowledge about this stuff, but I have been wanting to set up a HT for a few years now. I have just been renovating the house and have made a room 22 x 16 feet as a dedicated HT room.

I have no equipment yet, but I've been researching on the net and I thought I might run this stuff by you guys to get your advice on some of the equipment I'm looking at.

I am looking at getting one of the new Epson projectors, the
EH-TW4500, due out in Australia next month.

The guy at a local Hi-Fi store has been talking me into buying a Marantz AV SR7002 and Marantz BD7004 Blu-Ray player, that I can get for a pretty good price.

The Hi-Fi guy wants to sell me Paradigm, Monitor series speakers,
but from what I have read, I am leaning towards Axioms Epic 60-500 HT 5.1 speaker system. (The Paradigms are around the same price)

How does that sound? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Also, has anyone from Australia brought in Axiom speakers etc and how would I go for warranty?