...help us appreciate our equipment even more! \:D

I probably could have just squeezed this onto the back of a current thread, but I find it interesting enough that I wanted to see if I'm the only one with this infliction, or if it's as wide-spread across this and other boards as I suspect it is...

Ok so what am I talking about? Well most of the time when I'm on this board I'm sitting down enjoying music on my Axioms. But there are other times when the kids are asleep, or maybe I'm off somewhere surfing the net on my Blackberry that I read through a thread, and reading everyone talking about the performance of their Axioms gets me all worked up to the point that I'm like a kid on Christmas eve... I simply can't wait to get back home to fire these sweet speakers back up (they are currently playing) and see if I can tell what's being discribed in the thread.

It expecially gets me when someone is writing about getting their first Axioms through the mail, setting them up, and listening to them for the first time! That takes me back to the day I finally got all my speakers, and ran them through their paces for the very first time. I still remember the hairs on the back of my neck standing up on end when the music coming out of them was 10 times better than I had anticipated. When that sound field opened itself up to infinity, and I simply couldn't believe someone hadn't accidentally dropped off a set of $50,000 dollar speakers by mistake. And when I haven't listened to my babies for a few hours, and I read someone's first experience with Axiom, the next time I turn them on I pretend it's the very first time I've ever heard them. And those hairs still stand up on end.

It's like meeting my speakers for the very first time, several times a week! And if I weren't a part of this board, if I didn't place myself in these imaginary situations after reading some of the discussions on this board, I wouldn't be experiencing these 'highs' so often. Oh I'm sure I'd flip the power button on occasionally when I had a new CD I was eagerly awaiting or something like that to remind myself how awesome these guys sound, but I think being part of this community has deepened my sense of what my speakers can do and their awesome abilities ten fold as much as I would have come to realize it on my own.

Thanks to everyone for keeping the chill bumps coming!

My Stuff :

Denon 4802
Emotiva XPA-3
Samsung BD-P3600
Sharp 65 Inch Aquos LCD