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Okay, looking at your sketch, I'd suggest the left QS8 at the back edge of the window about 6' up and the right QS8 at the back edge of the wall. Although the right one would be slightly(maybe 1' ?)farther forward, Alan has pointed out several times that he successfully used the QSs when not directly opposite each other.

True, although my ceilings are low, around 7ft, so if I use a ceiling bracket they prob would be just over 6ft. I will have to play around with it. What do you think about the front of the room based on the drawings? The large box shape, front left is the AV cabinet, with a m60 (or m80) next to it, and on the right side is a speaker and EP600. Oh and of course a VP150 under the 65" plasma. The front channels are about 6ft apart and the listening position will be around 6-7ft. I was fighting in my sleep last night if the soundstage would be too close and not get good separation when objects move across screen. In that case I would just get m22s and mount the on the walls around 9ft apart or so. Although I really want the m80s :).

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