I've become curious ...

Lately I've noticed that my ears become so fatigued so fast in my car

And I wondered if it's because I don't have a parametric EQ as I do with the 3808 Audyssey in my living room

Long story short

Normally I can't listen to my Rhapsody account on my axiom system (3808, m80s full surround ep800) because I can't pry myself to go to bed until after 4 am which turns out to be a problem even on the weekends (ok so I am old)

But point being, Rhapsody is 128-256k or whatever, it should be unlistenable except for Denon processing, still I can't even turn it on because it's so addictive, of course whatever I choose is one of my favorite songs but please don't get me started, in the car I just want to clutch my head after the first song it's so annoying even though it sounds exceptional . . .

So if you follow me at all so far question is this:

Is there some ko standalone eq for auto that i can plug in to pimp my ride?

I have some cheap HD radio I love, sounds better than analog, and I have a pretty nice I believe JL Audio (?) system V1 speakers if memory serves, but old style EQ won't cut it, I need an Audyssey style auto para EQ

Or a new receiver with auto EQ

Or give up the dream of auto music

Or wait til never when I can afford car with less wind noise


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