The QS8's are about 1 foot from the brick fire place on the Right and about 1.5-2 feet from the kitchen entrance on the left (They are not perfectly symmetrical since I screwed them into wall studs- drywall anchors could probably used successfully though- especially with a QS4) I can't comment too much on the side chair because I am always sitting in the center seat of the main couch . Of course, I have sat there a few times and there is not an overwhelming sound coming straight down on you from the QS8 driver. The surround field is off because one surround is right behind you and the other is way off to the right. Also sitting right next to the left m80 but being so far from the right m80 is not optimum (and you are pretty off axis from the center channel too.)

Basically, the love seat is not really used for watching movies or playing games unless company is over and it is the only choice. It is usually just my wife and me sitting on the main couch. During normal cable TV viewing the love seat is fine as most cable TV shows don't require a lot of surround sound effects. I angled the love seat so that it doesn't block the path between the main couch and the left 80