What are people's experience with using the Full Metal Brackets with the QS8's? It's time for me to order my QS8's to finally get my system up to 5.1 and I think the FMB's might help me by angling the speakers a bit toward the listening area. The TV is in a corner of our large family room. We have the couches and recliner forming two sides of the square that make up the TV viewing area of the family room. (Not allowed to rearrange the furniture.) I'm thinking that one QS8 will go close to one corner of the room and the other will go somewhere along the opposite wall putting my recliner in the sweet spot. Will one QS8 placed near a corner be a problem if the other does not get the same corner boost? Will it help having the speakers angled toward the seating area, or does it not really matter because of the design of those speakers?

Always appreciate the advice on these forums.