Hello All,

i've been reading this forum since i discovered Axiom (quite a few years ago! ) and now, since i'm about actively looking on replacing my unadequate front speakers ( and soon to be full HT), i have a few questions that i hope you guys can answer.

my amp is a pioneer VSX-1018 that, according to the documentation, supports speakers with 6ohm impedance. my amp is also able to "bi-amp" a speaker with the front and surround back output. i already read that if you "unbridge" the M80(by removing the little gold connectors) that it doesn't change the impedance that much.

do you think that my amp can handle the load at moderate to low-high volumes??

also, maybe i can go with higher impedance M60's, i'm really not sure but the HT wizards on the axiom website tells me that for a room like mine (~3,500cubic feet) i should go with the m80's.

thank you!