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That's really nice work, Jeff. I'm envious.

I like it that you keep the hand sledge handy in the corner, there.

Thanks TT.

In a couple more weeks I'll be taking most of the gear out, rearrainging/removing/adding gear and then start the cable management again. Also removing the SMC (white enclosure with cabling) and installing the RG-6 splitters, amps and terminals in the rack on the back (garage)side.

Then time to close the walls back up and get the millwork installed.

Few more months and I should be close to done buying installing gear and have it mostly completed

It's been a journey ...... and a learning experience!
But worthwhile IMHO.

Fronts/Wides:M22s in/on
Center:VP150/VP100 in/on
AVR:Onkyo 3008