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Sort of. Would you say everyone who ever chose to be associated with or do business with GM is a looser because

GM is a large corporation AV123 is a small company that was/is fronted by one man. Knowing the character of a group and an individual are very different things. So the comparison is invalid.

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We all pick loosers sometimes. A number of people got sucked in by the owner of AV123 and it cost them all money. Its a small industry and Mr. Seaton is well regarded by those in it, at least the ones I know of.

The issue about AV123 and it’s associates (Seaton, Craigsub, Ninja, Emo et. al.) for me isn’t that “we all pick loosers” but rather why people pick their associations. AV123 stank to high heaven for years. That people were either to naïve or willing for reasons of expedience to overlook it’s nature are salient if choosing to enter a business relationship with them. Those in the former category are IMO to naïve to run their own business effectively. Those in that latter are not to be trusted to do business with in the long run.

95% of all people can’t hide deceit which is why most professional poker players wear sunglass, hats etc. . . . Almost all people from an early age can pick up on these “tells.” Why people either don’t see them or choose to ignore them is very informative about a person in the situation in question. (note: I’m a trained interrogator, and very good at it). I really know about these things, which is why I give no quarter to deceitful people or those who associate with them.

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Anyway, this is going way off topic. You can choose to ignore what Mr. Seaton writes, or not.

None of the above invalidates Seaton’s knowledge or experience. To ignore him or others having specialized knowledge or experience simply because they have associated with AV123 is silly it simply means as I said above, “Caveat Emptor.”

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