Have any of you guys ever tested this receiver? Since I am still looking for the RIGHT ONE, I though I could consider this one. As a matter of fact it is very hard to decide when there are so many options available. Initially I had my mind set on the onkyo 608, but then I was told about the Audissey 2EQ thing, being advised of getting a model with Audissey Mult EQ. So my choices have been narrowed to Denon 3808, Denon 3310, Denon 2920, Onkyo 707, Marantz 6004, Denon 2809, onkyo 707 and a used Pioneer lx-70 (sorry I don't know what model is in US, this is a little old, from october 2007, but was the top model here I guess). I need some help choosing. Thanks for all your help. laugh

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