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... So you walk in there and really confuse them when you ask them about a certain reciever. The sale's guy will say something like, "oh yeah that's one of our top sellers. 7.1 channel, 125 watts per channel. It's really nice". Of course they're only reading what the sticker on the front of it says, so then you hit em up with a question like, "well what's the contrast ratio per channel"?

Either they will recognize the term, not know it has nothing to do with audio and run and ask his manager what the contrast ratio is per channel on that particular reciever (snicker), or he'll look at you like you're a total sucker and say something like, "oh well on this model it's 500,000 : 1, best on the market"! ...

LOL! I used to do this in FutureShop with the Computer Sales guys. They deilberately hire people with no knowledge. My friend applied for a Sales Position there, he told them how much he knew about computers so they put him in Major Appliances and he wasn' allowed ni the computer section.

After he quit we would deliberately go in looking at PCs and start asking completely ridiculous questions, which they always manged to answer in a way that sort of related to 'the more expensive one has that!'. We would always have to "think about it," leave the store have a drink and laugh our asses off.

Double Plus AWESOME.

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