Ok, so a co-worker comes to me for advice on setting up a HT in his existing home. He has a budget of 2,000 total. I have 1,000 of that spent on a 46" Samsung LCD. This leaves me 1,000 for sound. I was planning on this Denon (http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Denon+-+600W...p;skuId=9878176)for $350 leaving me only $650 for sub + 5 channels. I dont believe that Axiom will be a suitable fit for his budget at this time. Does anyone know of something of SOME quality for this price range. The closest i have gotten but have reservations is the $800 Def Tech 600 HTIB.

Denon 2310CI
Panasonic P58S2
Panasonic P50S2