Hi Subnet, I do agree with Murph - it may work but likely will not be optimal.

I was in the same situation when I was building my HT and actually built an enclosure into the bottom of my equipment rack to hold my EP500. I did that based on some bad advice from other sources (not this forum) suggesting that a modern day receiver could compensate for any placement issues - WRONG!!! I could tell within the 1st 2 minutes this was not a good place to have the sub. Bass was very 'boomy' at my main listening position. I then pulled it out of the enclosure, did the subwoofer crawl and found a spot that worked well both sonically and ergonomically. The enclosure I built is now used for video game accessory storage. blush

On-Wall M5HP LCR, QS8 & EP500 in 7.1