Well, I.ve had most of the week to play with my new M22ti's, and as a former audio retailer, I'm BLOWN AWAY by the performance of my current arrangement. I dare say I've never heard better, at twice and possibly THREE times the price! I am currently using the M22ti's up front, the older Merak MC6h center. I picked this off E-Bay, brand new in-box, for around $58.00. Also, a $100. KHL sub I got at Costco. I have the crossover set real low, probably around 70-80 hrz., and the gain is set low, too, about 10 o'clock. I found this is all I need. To compensate for a little boominess from this sub, I stuffed some fiberglass in the cabinet. Perfect, tight bass!. Total investment so far: about $558. I challenge anyone to find better sound for twice this price. Great detail, superb imaging, amazing clarity in the midrange and sparkling high end, marvelous dynamic range, a huge soundstage. The high efficency gives very good performance at all volume levels, but crank them with some clean power and These babies SING!!! They take the power without breaking a sweat and play at levels that more than satisfy. They'll bring a smile to your face! A pair of Bose 301's round out the rear surrounds. (yeah, I know, but they'll be upgraded next. Actually, with their reflected sound, they don't make bad rears.) After 20 years in the business, I've never owned better sound. And the M22's are THE key! Congratulations, Axiom, on a FINE high-fidelity speaker!! For anyone even thinking about the M22's, don't strain your brain. GET THEM! If you DON't enjoy them and think they are FANTASTIC, I know Axiom's fine customer service will graciously refund your money! And, as a last note, I had not even HEARD of Axiom speakers until I began researching new audio equipment two weeks ago!
Sincerely, Gary