Hmmmm.... I might have another problem to deal with first: It seems as though I'm not having success in formatting the drive (NTFS).

The first time it ran 3-4 hours, reached 54%, then didn't progress over the next hour. I had to shut it down.

I then tried a quick format (twice) and it couldn't do it.

Thinking I must need to do another full format since the first attempt left it unfinished, I started another full format. Again, it seems as though it's reached about the half way point and has not been making progress.

I won't stop it now, in case it's doing one of those things where the progress bar isn't showing much, then it races at the end(!)..... but I'm beginning to wonder if I have a bad drive.

What was the old DOS line? Scandisk? Maybe I'll give that I try...

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