I've already noted here just how pleased I'd been with my now one year old Onkyo 706, but yesterday it got that much better.

For the benefit of others who may find themselves in the same boat, here's my story.

For the past year I'd had one device plugged into almost every available device type:
Cable/Sat - Motorola PVR (HDMI)
Game - Xbox 360 (HDMI)
DVD - Pioneer Universal for SACD/DVD-Audio (Component and 5.1 analog)
AUX - Wii (RCA using the front jacks, cable fed from below the cabinet)
VCR - VCR for the little kids old movies
CD - 5 disc player

Old school thinking led to these connection choices, and some of you may already know what I'd just discovered.

But in anticipation of (finally!) acquiring a blu-ray player, I thought that I'd need to give up my Pioneer player to make room for it. Short of swapping connections, that is.

But a careful read of the manual revealed on page 24 that there's a signal selection priority, so multiple devices of the similar nature can be plugged in at once, so long as they're using different connections, obviously.

So I moved the Wii from the Aux to the composite/RCA inputs for "GAME" and now the 360 and the Wii work perfectly, with the receiver using the signal detection to send the right video to screen and use the right audio. Cool! No more visible wires!

And, more importantly, I don't need to give up the Pioneer as the BR player will take the DVD HDMI slot. All's well. Forward I go! Can't wait to hear the "new" codecs. cool