As I mentioned in another thread, I am remodeling the PorterPlex. Because of this, my side surrounds will be moving forward about 5-6ft. I'm still going back and forth on using the T-bracket furnished, or getting some wall brackets from Axiom.....what to do...

Anyway, on my right surround I built a new wall and just ran the new wiring to the new location, no problem. But, on the left surround it is on our poured foundation which is ice block (foam/concrete/foam).

Right now I"m considering just getting about 5-6 feet of Axiom flat wire and included termanal blocks to go from my existing wiring coming out of the ceiling to the new location. Just going from wire to terminal block to flat wire to terminal block to wire to speaker terminal seems like a lot of jumps. I know it won't be audible, but do I need sealant/tinning to protect the copper exposed. I see where Axiom mentions you can use clear fingernail polish on the product page. Then I could just paint over the flat wire. Will there be enough room if I get the T-brackets to do all this behind the speaker?
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