I was going to buy a set of M22's ,but then came across this ebay listing. M&K THX750's. Now MK 750 went for $1499 a pair here in Nova Scotia a few years back. Something I could probably not afford to buy, specially when needing a centre channel and rears and side rears. How ever he had them listed at $405 BIN. so anyways to make it short, M22 or M&K ....sorry, but these are one wicked speaker so I ended up getting them for $375 plus $150 shipping. better yet, I mentioneed shipping was $75 according to the FED Ex site. Well I get this call from Albany, it is him he is at Fed Ex and they want $150 shipping. I mentioned it is up to him, but I can't send anymore money for another two weeks. He said no problem he doesn't need it send it later when I get his centre channel
Pioneer sc-1525
M80 HG Cherry