Though I do have a couple (Senn wirelss---awful---and Senn 650's---good as I'll ever need), I almost never use them.

After jazz college, I made a living for while in a road band. Having every inch of my head buried in live R & R (our own and tons of other's), recorded R & R has always been its own beast for me. A great beast a surpising amount of the time, but a different genus.

Anyone who thinks that 1969 Zep concert (pic in link I posted in "Being there" thread) sounded anything like the first 2 records would be mistaken. Lots of artists do, but not R & R. And I'm sure none of you thinks that anyway.

Even the rawest bands sound smoother and slicker on record. I could make a big boring list, but I can hear zzzz's already. Recorded music in-the-room is the closest I can get, or can bear.

Oh, yeah, the point! Music ON my head = rubber on my schwanz. Can I say "schwanz" here?

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Always call the place you live a house. When you're old, everyone else will call it a home.