So, we've been trying to sell our house for a year now due to a job change and need to move 2 hours away 19 months ago. I have been cramped into a 1 bedroom apartment with my family (4 of us) since August, and then it finally happened...

We got an offer last Thursday!

I could go into the details, as I sometimes do a bit too much, but we spent 6 days negotiating back and forth, over and over... We wanted out of that house so that we could get something here and get out of this tiny apartment, but they kept wanting my Axiom speakers! WTH! Get your own speakers!

Well, we still didn't do so well with this down economy, but I did keep my Axioms! I lost the rest of the theater equipment though, but no way was I giving up my speakers!

I know that others would have looked at it as a way to get M80 and VP180 upgrades for my M60s and VP150, but it was the principle of the matter. Our "concession" to them is that I will install and calibrate whatever speakers they decide to buy and offer help picking something out. Heck, maybe they will buy their own Axioms.... Yeah, probably not. They were happy to take my el cheapo Venturer DVD/VCR/Radio HTIB piece of crap from the main floor, and I was happy to give it to them. Stupid POS. So yeah, they will pick up some $500 HTIB from Best Buy probably. I will plug in the wires, hook up the microphone on the receiver, and let it calibrate them in 10 minutes. Badda Bing, Badda Boom. Done deal!

So my Axioms will be getting new power and new matching video when I get the next theater (V4) built. Of course, we have to now negotiate the house that we want to buy, and finish the whole basement, but I am looking forward to getting some new gear to go with my rock-solid Axioms!

Does it make me fanatical that despite needing to get the house sold that I fought tooth and nail to keep these speakers? If it does, then I am glad to be guilty as charged!

Farewell - June 4, 2020