Wow! Thanks everyone for the extra education. As I mentioned before, I am only in the introductory phase right now and am only learning about Direct Current theory. Next week we will be delving into Alternating Current.

From my readings, most lower to mid-grade receivers will have a hard time driving M80s. I decided to purchase an Emotiva UPA-5 for the provisions of me getting M80s later in the future. The specs say 185 watts RMS at 4 Ohms. Will this be sufficient to drive these speakers to insane listening levels before shutting off? I do not intend to listen at crazy volume.

A little off topic. I used to be an air traffic controller for the united states air force. I hated the job and am now retraining into aircraft avionics. I get to work on aircraft electronics and instrument controls and such. It sounds like such an awesome job and I get to learn more about the theory of A/V electronics that I love. The classes are fun but it can become information overload after a while since we're learning for about 8 hours a day. I forgot how grueling it was to be in tech school.

I only have 7 more classes in order for me to finish my bachelors in a business degree. I was thinking of continuing school and getting an MBA, but with the supposed dilution of an MBA degree these days, the appeal is not as great.

When we first got our briefing on the new training, I was really excited to know that by the time tech school was done for avionics, I would have roughly enough credits for an associates to apply to an electrical engineering degree. I will be finishing up my business degree and then will be looking into getting an electrical engineering degree. My only concern is that my math skills is not as great as I would like it to be but I do not think I will have any issues if I apply myself.

Is anyone on here an electrical engineer and can tell me what level math is involved? I heard the most difficult it gets up to is calculus 2. Can anyone tell me what the job prospect is for an electrical engineer?


Speakers: Energy RC-70s, RC-LCR, RC-Rs and eD A2-300 x 2.
Receiver: Marantz 6006