The girlfriend has an 05 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The heater is broke. Everything functions correctly, but the air does not get hot, or even warm for that matter. The dealer says it is most likely a part that has failed (of course). The offending part costs about $100, but labor hours to change it are 8 to 10 because the dash must be removed to get to it. At $150 an hour, that's enough motivation for me to fix it.

I've been searching this phenomena, and there's very little info to be found on the 05 or newer models. Jeep completely re-designed the heater in 05, otherwise, the repair would be pretty simple (blend door replacement).

My first question is; anyone know where there might be a step by step guide for pulling the dash on this Jeep. The second question is; where can I buy a good service manual that will have the instructions?

I've gone down this road before, pulling interior panels and things apart and it was bumpy at best. There's always an easy way to get fasteners apart, then there's my way, break stuff. I want to try the easy way this time....