That's been on my mind, CatBrat, but I cannot finish the basement for at least 2 years. Since it's a new home, we have to wait for it to settle, ensure there are no leakage or cracks in the concrete basement walls.

Is there a temporary acoustic treatment I could apply to the walls/floor/ceiling to manage the excess sound reflections without costing an arm and a leg. Keep in mind I'll have to rip everything off when finish the basement a couple of years down the road.

I'm trying to be as practical as possible and ignore the aesthetics aspect at this point.

So I was actually thinking of doing only the 2 interior walls of the future listening room now and apply some studio foams to the walls. But how about the 2 exterior concrete walls that currently have full height R12 insulation covered with a vapor barrier?

Any suggestions regarding the ceiling and concrete floor?

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