Okay, the answer might just be "pay somebody who has more knowledge/experience/tools at his disposal". But I thought I'd check.

The lovely and talented Mrs. Tuttle dumped a glass of water on the surge suppressor for her desktop PC. It stopped working. It is a machine I put together maybe a year or so ago. I took it to a local guy (who seems decent and knowledgeable). He said "the motherboard is fried and the power supply seems okay". I bought and installed another motherboard of the same make/model (Asus P7H55-M Pro).

It still doesn't do anything. There is a lit LED on the mobo, and all the fans spin up, but that's it. No video. I don't hear the disk do anything.

Before I go buy another Core i3 or worse, do you have any suggestions?

Thanks, guys.

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