I would like to thank everyone for all the help and knowledge shared over the past couple years.

Last night I started dismantling my theater room in preparation for our move next weekend. We bought a new home; bigger, better, newer, blah, blah, blah, but of course no room for my Axiom products, YET! My wife and I came to an agreement I would not "litter" up her new family room with "all those speakers and cushion things on the walls" if in a couple years I can start working on another dedicated room in the basement. Of course she wants "those cute little speakers(M22's) for the family room, but not that big flat one(vp180) that will block part of the TV again"

I have learned a lot from many of you here and greatly appreciate the honest, constructive information many have provided. It's been tough for me to stay active here, and/or contribute knowing my days of pleasure in the basement were numbered. I will still pop in to stay up on the ever changing hobby we all love, but just needed to share my sorrow.

Thanks again everyone,

Brian aka Pitbull24

M80's,VP180,QS8's,Epik Empire X 2
Integra 50.1,3 Emotiva UPA-1's,Antimode 8033