As I'm wrapping up the home theater, I decided I wanted some good tunes outside as well. I'm ashamed to admit I tried some Polk outdoor speakers (little bit cheaper, more versatile mounting options) only to be horribly dissapointed. Maybe in the past I wouldn't have noticed, but after being spoiled by my Axiom home theater speakers, those just wouldn't do. So I spent a little more (story of my life it seams) I got a pair of the Algonquins. Besides the fact I have no idea how to pronounce the name they sound SO MUCH BETTER than the Polks. I should have known.

I wanted to install them horizontally, but with the angled port, the one on the left would have had the port pointing straight down into the speaker. I didn't like the way it looked to have them both in the same horizontal orientation so I went vertical instead. Small compromise.

A nice plus is that the Spiced Rum color is a near perfect match for my deck.