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I picked up my niece from middle school recently and was shocked to see how many chubby/fat kids there were. It's a sad and unhealthy sign of the times.

I live in a very nice, upscale suburban neighborhood. Plenty of kids live around here. I never see them outside playing. I do see them walking home after being dropped off from the school bus, texting on their phones.

It seems like they stay inside more, playing video games and eating unhealthy fast/junk food. Not all of them, but too many in my opinion.

When I was in school in the 70's, you very rarely ever saw more than a few fat kids around.

I feel for those who have weight problems, I really do, but it pisses me off to see children start out so unhealthy. Check the stats for Americans (kids and adults) and you will see an alarming increase in obesity and all the problems attendant thereto.

I love being a couch potato! And as a grumpy old git, I've earned the right to veg occasionally... smile

Seriously though, cutting funding for P.E. is a terrible idea as is feeding children unhealthy food. Unfortunately, if you're poor, your options are pretty limited though...

Is there still that Presidential fitness thingie like back in the bad old days? If not, there should be.

Of course, we have the wars to get some of them in shape, but that has pretty dire consequences for everyone involved... frown


Just don't lose sleep over obese people. It's their choice.

The kids do not really have much choice in the matter. They are picking up these bad choices from their parents and will be much worse off than their parents. Rather than their parents being overweight from 30 or 40 on, they may be that way for most of their life.

My opine wasn't intended to blame children or absolve parents at all.

The highlighted text is what I was referring to. I read it as the empathy was for obese adults (first clause), because I deduced the second clause as describing what aforementioned adults could become if they are "children starting out so unhealthy".

You're spot on. Parents most definitely bear responsibility for their children's diet. But if the child grows up to be a ponderous adult that isn't doing anything to lower their weight, it's their choice.

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