So we just bought a house. It's a former foreclosure that got flipped to us, so there's a few weird things here and there. One of those is that the pair of switches in the kitchen meant to control the same light control each other. In other words, there's a switch on each side of the room, corresponding to the ceiling fan/light assembly.

When you turn on the one near the living room, nothing happens. OK, turn on the one near the dining room. If the first switch is on, the lights/fan come on. If the first switch is off, nothing.

So I figured out that the first switch is actually wired in series with the second. Does anyone know how hard it would be to restore these switches to proper operation? I'd rather not pay an electrician for something this minor, although we may well have one come out to install exterior outlets and one in the utility room with the FiOS boxes.

There's also a switch in the hallway that's upside down, but I'm pretty sure I can handle that one myself. wink

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