I just installed a huge new entertainment cabinet for my mother-in-law last night. That was the price for her having my family over for Sunday evening dinner wink

She is using a crappy Bose Cinemate system which is (arguably) better than using the TV speakers. Under my gentle guidance we will be upgrading from the Bose system in the near future. So here I am for some advice. Floor standers are out of the question due to size limitations, so it must be bookshelf style speakers that will go into the cabinet. I know this is not ideal but is all I have to work with. M22's will not fit, but M2 or M3 will. So votes and opinions please on:

2 channel only with M2 or M3?
2.1 maybe? I'll need to twist her arm to add a sub however.
3 or 3.1? There is a spot to add maybe a VP100 or 150, but I am not sure if 3.1 is worth the upgrade over straight 2 or 2.1 for her environment.

Also, i am concerned about putting the M2 or M3 in a cabinet with their rear port. Are there in cabinet M2 or M3's coming? I don't see anything in the regular products page.

Thanks for any thoughts or advice.

On-Wall M5HP LCR, QS8 & EP500 in 7.1