I am looking at upgrading my current TV and would like some suggestions. I’m not up on all the latest and greatest in T.V. tech so what the best brand and make I should be looking for is what I would like some help in. So here are the details:

•Price range is $2500-$3000
•I would prefer plasma but could consider LCD or LED if there is a reason
•My current T.V. is a 52” so I would like a little bigger, say 60” minimum.
•If quality comes into play for the size upgrade I will pick the 52” over 60” to stay in my price range.
•3-D has absolutely no appeal to me so a good 2D picture is the highest priority.

So what should I be looking for? I really have no idea what is getting the best reviews right now. I have owned almost exclusively Toshiba in the past but have no loyalty to them. Where should I be starting????


Epic 80 - 500 system in 7.1
Denon 3808CI