I'm thinking of maybe upgrading my son's system that I bought him 2 years ago. Then he had a plasma tv mounted on a tv stand, so I bought a Pioneer Receiver and 2 M3 v2's. His plasma tv went out, so he bought a 47inch LG LCD with edgelit LED that he says won't mount to the stand that he has. I may run out there today and take a look at it and see if there is any way to mount it on the wall instead. If I can, I might give him my 2 on-wall M22's and buy him an on-wall VP150 to mount underneith it for a christmas present. I'll have to bring along my wall stud finder and see where to mount the TV.

My m22's are mounted in studs. Has anyone mounted them in the wall without going into studs with any success? Also, where are the mounting brackets on the back of the on-wall VP150? Are they moveable to align with studs?

I'm not a big fan of the on-wall speakers, but for his setup with 2 rug-rats running around, this would probably be the better option.

(With my on-wall M22's gone, it also gives me a good excuse to buy the M50's to place under bookshelf M22's mounted above them on the wall.)

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