I looked at the QSC as well, but the fact that they spec the power @ 1kHz (only) bothers me:

QSC power rating:

8 ohms / both channels driven / 1 kHz: 500 W

4 ohms / both channels driven / 1 kHz; 700 W

2 ohms / both channels driven / 1 kHz: 350 W

The Crown is rated for 440 WPC, both channels, 20Hz-20kHz, while the QSC is rated @ 500 watts at 1kHz. For all practical purposes, I'm sure they put out the same power.

But I'm bothered by the non-standard way QSC specs it out. It reminds me of the old days of hugely inflated power ratings in car audio because they weren't given in standard terms.

It doesn't mean the QSC is bad, I just don't like their deceitful (IMHO) marketing of the power.

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