Andrew, there are quite a few other Canadian online retailers that are way better than the three you mentioned. I used to shop at Tigerdirect years ago, but to be quite honest, they're at the bottom of my list (I ONLY go to it for product reviews). Both Amazon and Newegg are OK, but most of their prices can easily be beaten.

One of my favorite sites is Direct Canada . Before I purchase anything, I spend A LOT of time looking for the cheapest price, and more often than not, they have the best price. The guys that run the business are extremely nice and easy-going.

Another great site is NCIX. Their pricing is hit and miss, but they do price match. It's also the first website I go to for product reviews etc. There's a lot of knowledgeable people in their forums.

Those are only two that I'd strongly suggest over the ones you mentioned. I can provide more if you want.

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