I have the Oppo BDP 83 and it will play SACD's just fine. However, my Onkyo 805 will only accept analog signals for zone 2. I have an HDMI out of the Oppo to the DVD in on the Onkyo for my theater and an RCA out to the CD in on the Onkyo if I want to use it in zone 2. I've played cd's just fine in zone 2 just using the CD input on the Onkyo just fine. It seems that the Oppo will send a signal out of all of the cables you have hooked up and so you don't have to mess with any settings. But, when I tried to do this with a SACD it didn't work. I went into the Oppo settings and turned off the HDMI audio out, and even set the player to just play the CD layer rather than the SACD layer and nothing in zone 2, even though in the theater it is just sending a stereo signal over rca. In the theater it plays fine no matter what setting I have, or if I am using the CD or DVD input. Does anyone have any ideas of how I can play the high resolution SACD layer in zone 2?