I'll make this short and sweet. I owned a VP-150 for a few years. Recently I upgraded to the VP-160. I noticed a little bit of a tin-can sound. Perhaps just my room, placement, or level issue. So, I decided it would't hurt to try out the VP-180. I have 2 M80's after all, already.

After now trying out the VP-180 alongside my M80V3's, I'm never going back. The VP-180 is phenomenal! Paired with the M80's, it gives a big soundstage. In a word, it just sounds more complete compared to the VP-160, and especially the VP-150. The only thing I like a little bit more about the VP-160 is that dialogue sounds like it is coming from a central point (which it is). But, I also love how much more dynamic the 180 is compared to the 160. The 160 put out good volume, was crisp, and full. But, the 180 puts out a big powerful sound with more dynamic range, punch, and it plays nice and loud without straining. It really is like the 150 is a v4 engine, the 160 is a v6, and the 180 is a big-block v8.

I recently installed some Aura Pro bass shakers under the couch (I always used to think they were stupid, esp. since I have a big SVS sub) but now my home theatre is complete and breathtaking.

Thanks Axiom!
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