Hello Everyone,

Its been a long time since I've logged onto the forum. So far everyone who has heard my M3s has been impressed with it's ability to output music with clarity. Good job on that.

I was surprised to see that Axiom has a new omni directional speaker the LFR1100.

Why?...because I have been using Definitive Technology's BP6B bipole speaker for quite a long time; first as a stereo speaker and later two pairs of them to fill the role of Front-and-Side Right-and-Left for my home cinema. So I assume that bi-polar speakers have been in the market for quiet a while.

So has anyone listened and done a review on the LFR1100's? So what Axiom's philosophy behind the design of these speakers? Is it likely that these will replace the conventional design of stereo speakers or will they be maybe used maybe elite stereo systems?

Also, I remember that Def Tec (no pun intended) had advised of the suitability of using the BP6B bi-polar as a surround speaker. Has anyone compared using bi-polar speakers compared to axiom's QS4, QS8 surrounds or bookshelf speakers for surround and found any differences?

Clovis de Cruz