Hello, I have been a long time follower of Axiom (since about 2004), and I'm finally ready to buy some speakers within a week or so!!

I am looking at the M22 in-walls for my front L and R speakers. I am simply wanting the best sound I can get for about $550! But, I really want to stick with an in-wall speaker, for a nice clean look (WAF and Kids running around).

The only real difference between the M22 in-walls and other brands, is the tweeter can swivel but Axiom's don't. Is that really a big enough deal to go to another brand (Polk, Definitive Tech, Aperion)??

I have just seen numerous posts saying how people prefer the boxed M22, because they can position the speaker (tweeter) to get the desired imaging.

So, why didn't Axiom make a swiveling tweeter for their in-wall speakers? Or, is it simply not a big enough deal for Axiom to make it happen?

What I do really like, is that Axiom has designed the M22 with a back box, and few companies seem to incorporate that with the speaker itself (Monitor Audio) its usually and additional accessory! I just don't want my walls to "sing along", Its just another variable that I would think would be undesirable. Being that the speakers are in the wall, Im sure it will affect the sound a tiny bit anyway.

So, please send your thoughts! I really appreciate your time!