Hi there,

First time posting, hoping to get some advise for my new setup.

We've just finished our basement, and I was able to set aside a new room as our dedicated Home Theatre. It's on the small side, about 11 1/2 feet by 20 feet by about 8 feet tall, so just under 2000 Cubic Feet. I've already purchesed the receiver I'm going to use, the Onkyo TX-NR717, which puts out 125W per channel (6 ohms).

I've always planned on getting an Axiom speaker setup, mostly due to the excellent reviews I've ready, but also to support a Canadian company (I'm from Canada of course), and also because I've actually had a chance to see their manufacturing facility (the company I work for has a business relationship with them). Up to now I've been planning on getting the Epic 60/350 7.1 setup, but after doing some more research, I'm beginging to think that the Epic 50/ 350 or 500 might be better. Can anyone give me some thoughts? I'm leaning towards the 50/500 to take advantage of the DSP. We mainly watch Sci-Fi and Action movies, and I'd really like to get some of that very low rumble, like the first TRex scene in the original Jurassic Park smile

So, firstly, for my size room, is the Epic 50 a better choice than the Epic 60, with the smaller surrounds and M50's instead of M60's?

And secondly, is the 500 sub okay for me, considering my movie watching preferences?

Thanks in advance for any input.