I have just recently purchased a crown XLS1500 amplifier to be used with my Onkyo 875 receiver to power my front M80s. I didn't realize that the amp could only work with a 120 volt power supply. I only have 240 volt where I live. I then decided to try a cheap step down transformer to step 240v down to 120v. Suprising that this crown XLS1500 amp only draws max 250 watts yet claims to put out over 500 watts/channel into 4 ohms. Anyway that is a separate story.
With everything connected up I am getting a low frequency hum from the fronts. When I disconnect the rca input to the crown the hum disappears. It is only present when the onkyo receiver is on and the pre-amp out is connected to the crown amp.
Is there any way I can eliminate this hum or reduce it.
Should I use the XLR inputs on the Crown. To do this I would need to get an RCA to XLR adaptor. Is it possible this hum is caused by the step down transformer? I doubt it since the hum is not always present. Any ideas? confused

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