Any of the IT guys here have any experience with the zeroaccess virus?

I got hit by a fake antivirus the other day and instead of immediately booting into safe mode I tried to remove it and think I ended up installing the rootkit (via elevated process on Vista).

I'm going to restore from an Axronis image to clean up the computer, but the image is old, so I'm copying some files from my desktop onto a thumb drive.

I know this is a nasty botnet virus, so I want to be cautious.

My questions are as follows:

1. Do I need to be concerned with this virus propagating onto the thumb drive? Thumb drives are cheap and the data I copied is useful, but not critical. I'll toss the drive if there is a risk.

2. Might this virus insert itself into data files on the computer? I've partitioned the drive so that I can restore just the OS onto a system drive. In the past that has been sufficient to clean up infections. Again, I want to be extra cautious.



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