My fronts are set to Large and I have the Bass setting to LFE+Main. The Denon shutdown every time on large bass scenes. Of course I only tried it 2 or 3 times; I am not taking any chances with my stuff. I just switched the fronts back to small and bass to LFE. The funny thing was, that was just about the time Ian announced the new ADA amps. I had my order in soon after.

Yes, I do like my bass smile

Actually, I rarely play movies at really high levels anyway; the beauty of the system is that it still sounds great even at low volumes, which to me is even more impressive.

I can't wait till I replace my 10" Polk for a second EP500. Around Christmas I think, I even have a buyer for the Polk lined up:) I only wish it could have been an EP800 or two, but the wife does have her limits.
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