After several days of taking power readings, this is what I got for my ADA1000-3. Tests done with M80s and a VP150:

Max Current: 0.96A
Max Watts: 119 Watts

These numbers are actually really great considering how much power this puppy is putting out. My ancient (25 year old) Bryston 3B (200W per at 4 ohms) in similar conditions consumed 2.45 Amps and 298 Watts and it is only driving two channels (M80s). Now I am sure current Brystons must be more efficient but still it is an interesting contrast. Also, I not trying to be negative on Bryston, we all know they are world class awesome amps.

On a couple of occasions, I touched the amp and it was quite cool. It doesn't seem like heat will be an issue at all.

How I tested, nothing very scientific...

I watched a few movies with the volume up past 0db. I watched Inglourious Basterds last night. Sound track was awesome, especially the end when they blew up the cinema. I had it cranked up and watched that scene twice. The sound put a smile on my face smile For movies of course the amp was powering 3 speakers L,R,C.

I also played music with volume cranked, in this case it was only 2 speakers L,R.

Actually, when listening to music, it was amazing how clean the sound was even when cranked up. I played mostly Jazz but tried some old rock like Pink Floyd, Dire Straits and others. These were all 24bit 96K FLAC files. Joni Mitchell's song Comes Love (Both Sides Now album) at 24/96 sounds awesome, the dynamic range is mind boggling. Even though it was very loud, not a hint of distortion. Listening to old classic rock loud with no distortion is kind of strange actually, I grew up on this music and I don't think I ever heard it sound better. Man, this amp is nice smile

So, at the end of the day the power consumption numbers for these amps look pretty darn good.
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