I own a 80gig PS3 and an Oppo BPP83. The main reason that I purchased the Oppo was that it could be easily modified to play Blu-Rays and DVDs from other regions. If I wasn't interested in that I would have just been fine with my PS3. The one downside of the PS3 is that it is loud, as far as the fan noise. This can be easily worked around since it has Bluetooth controllers and remote control. In my previous house I put the PS3 in another room, so it was dead quiet smile. How the PS3 is future-proof, very quick loading, and very responsive on the remote control are what I like best about it. The upconversion is very close to the Oppo, as well. I like how the forward scanning is 1.5, 10 30 and then 120 times. It is just quick and easy to scan through a disc to pick up where you left off.

The only areas that the Oppo is lacking is in the scanning and remote responsiveness, bootup times (compared to PS3), and sometimes running into BluRays that don't play that well. The last issue with BluRays not playing well doesn't come up that often and it is more of a problem of the BluRays authored with the main goal of protecting the disc above even operating correctly, or consumers being happy with how they work and Oppo isn't to blame for this. They quickly put out firmware updates to fix such issues, but again, you may run into new releases (within the first month or so of release) with playback issues a few times a year if you want a lot of new releases.