Seems I'm not the only one to experience problems with the OPPO 93. Here's 2 quotes from AVSforum, at message #38

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I have heard from several people that their BDT-310 offers better video quality through HDMI than the Oppo-93. I also have heard from many people that the Sony S5000ES (which I have) offer better audio quality than the Oppo-93 through 7.1 analog. I am thoroughly impressed with my Sony. Sure, it cannot do 3D (I don't have a 3D projector yet) and it cannot do streaming and stuff. I don't care for that. Just for BD playback my sony kicks ass. I also have a Panny BD-85 for my small system (energy take classic, NAD T744, Panny 54" plasma). Works great!

Build quality is what attracted me to the Sony S5000ES last year and the very desirable price of $350 from AVS store.
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I have had my Oppo 93 for 3 weeks. And I badly wanted to love it. And I can't. My LG 590 has a better picture and streams Netflix and Vudo cleaner and with less little jaggies. Maybe I just got a bad 93. But, it is going back first thing in the morning. I love the physical look and feel of the Oppo. Also, my old LG 590 responds quicker to with the remote. I hope the new BDT500 will be as good as it appears to be. This is my 2nd Oppo ( 83 and 93) that I had high hopes for and was really disappointed.
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