Well I just left the phase set to 0 on both subs. I ran Audyssey with only one sub plugged in and it didn't detect a phase problem. I just noticed that with my HSU sub I only had to turn the gain to about 1/4 of the way up so was a little surprised that on the EP500 I had to turn it up almost half way, I would say it was set at about 11 o'clock compared to about 7 o'clock for the HSU.

I did each EP500 separately and they both were exactly the same.

I could try to set them both to 180 and see what happens I guess. I'm not so sure it matters as this point. When I finally ran Audyssey with both I knew they levels would be higher since I have two and sure enough they came down to -.5. Which seems in line I guess.

Does it matter if the gain is set lower on the back of the sub? do I gain anything by it?

Oh and I set Audyssey to Off in the settings after I calibrated it. I just wanted to get the measuremenets at this point.

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