Hi, folks,

Just got a new receiver: Denon AVR-3312ci.

I have a few questions for you great people:

I don't see a speaker impedance setting in the Denon manual. It simply says, "speaker impedance 6-16ohm." So I assume nothing I can do about that to prevent any problems. M22 and QS8 are 8ohm, VP150 is 6ohm...

Since I have my mains as the M22 v2, what should I set the sub crossover in the Denon to?

3. Link to the HSU subwoofer manual is dead.
I have a "crossover" flip switch on the back of the HSU: "out" or "in." What should I set that to?
Also on the back of the HSU, there is a "crossover frequency" know that goes from 30Hz to 90Hz. What does that do and what should I set it to?

I had set all this stuff up years ago (properly, I think...), but kids always fool with those knobs and switches, and since I got a new receiver, I'm trying to set everything up again then lock the door to HT. wink

Thank you,


Denon AVR-3312ci
Mains: M22 v2
Center: VP150 v2
Surrounds: QS8s v2
Sub: HSU VTF-2 MK3